Victoria Park is a very beautiful public park located in the city of Nuralia, an area of ​​about 11 hectares, this park is active tourist due to the large numbers of visitors as it reaches 200 thousand visitors annually, including foreigners and tourists as well as local residents in the holiday seasons.

Victoria Noralia Park

The best activities in Victoria Nuralia Park

• Walk and enjoy the beauty of the scenic natural scenery, inhale the fresh air and lie under the huge shady trees and maybe play with your children with the ball.

Victoria Park in Noralia

• For lovers of sports and movement, you can practice a number of outdoor sports with friends and family, such as tennis or ball, perhaps jogging, racing, and hiking around the river extending into hectares through tracks prepared for this purpose, you will feel renewed and active.

Victoria Park is one of the best tourist places in Noralia

• For lovers of birds and wildlife, you can observe the beautiful rare birds. There are many types that you can see. You will meet roving and bird watchers, they are spread in this garden.
• For your children there are gardens of their own that contain a number of beautiful safe games that will provide them with times of fun and fun that you will not need to monitor them all the time there.

Victoria Park is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Noralia

• Certainly during your tour in the garden you will love to eat ice cream, fresh juices and maybe iced tea and some delicious local dishes you eat in cafes or on the grass under the trees in front of the river you will love the place a lot.
• There is a popular market near the place full of all the goods and needs that you will need during your travel to market lovers, you will feel the pleasure while roaming in it.

Victoria Noralia Park is one of the best tourist places in Sri Lanka

• If you love to keep souvenirs from different trips to countries and countries, you will want to take dozens of beautiful photos for you and your friends, and you will love to share your loved ones after you return from tourism in wonderful Sri Lanka.

Victoria Noralia Park

Visit times

Daily 07:00 AM to 19:00 PM

Victoria Noralia Park site Hotels – Victoria

Safari Hill Good Rating, which is the nearest Noralia hotel to Victoria Park is 7.7 km away
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Overall great hotel reviews.
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The Plains Green Bungalow, a highly rated Sri Lanka hotel, is 9.8 km from Victoria Noralia Park
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The hotel received great reviews for both location, staff, and services.
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Victoria’s Garden, Nooralia, Sri Lanka

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