Sacred Mosque

The Haram Mosque is located in the holy city of Mecca, and it is a holy place for Muslims, as it is visited by millions every year to perform Umrah, pilgrimage, and circumambulation around the Kaaba that mediates the mosque’s courtyard, and visit other religious monuments, such as: a well Zamzam, the shrine of Abraham, and others.

Prophet’s Mosque

The Prophet’s Mosque is located in the enlightened city, and it is one of the holiest religious sites for Muslims. Its foundations were laid by the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, and underwent throughout his history many restoration and expansion operations until he became what is Today, it is one of the largest mosques in the world.

Coral homes

Coral Houses are located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, specifically in the city’s port overlooking the Red Sea, which are old houses built using coral blocks that were collected and harvested from the sea, and despite the dilapidated state of these houses, they are considered to be from Important attractions in Saudi Arabia.

Madain Saleh

Mada’in Saleh is considered an important historical site in Saudi Arabia, a historical city dating back to the era of the Nabataean Kingdom in the first century AD, and very similar in design to the city of Petra in Jordan.

Ibrahim Palace

The Ibrahim Palace, located in the city of Al-Ahsa, is an old historical palace built at the beginning of the Ottoman rule of the country, and includes inside it many rooms, the halls of the guards, the stables, and a museum that displays historical artifacts, photographs and paintings.

Gwathi Mosque

The Juwatha Mosque is located in Al-Ahsa Governorate, specifically in the village of Kalabiyya, and it is a very old mosque that was built by the Bani Abdul Qais tribe in 629 AD, and thus represents the oldest mosque in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, and the second oldest mosque in the world.

Rock meal sculptures

Jubbah Rock Carvings are found in the oldest inhabited site in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which dates back to the pre-Islamic period, and includes rock carvings and sculptures dating back to 5500 BC, these sculptures are represented by Thamudic inscriptions and animal drawings.

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