Chion Castle

Chillon Castle is located on a rocky outcrop overlooking Lake Leman, and this castle is one of the most famous historical sites to be visited in Switzerland, in addition to being a pivotal element in Swiss history, due to the succession of nations due to its distinctive strategic location.

Augusta Rurica website

Augusta Raurica is home to the best-preserved theaters in the Northern Alps, where the Romens lived around 44 BC, and the colony of Augusta Rurica was established for the first time by Lucius Monateus Blancus when he met Julius Caesar. Visit this region and enjoy the Romen festival that takes place every year.

Matarhorn Mountain

Matterhorn is one of the most famous Swiss summits that are located at the top of the Alps on the border with Italy, where this mountain rises to approximately 4,778 meters, and it is characterized by its four steep sides, and this site is classified as one of the most famous mountains that attract climbers in the summer. And skiers in the winter, where the mountain descends a distance of 300 kilometers for skiing.

St. Gall Monastery Library

The St Gallen’s abbey library is one of the oldest libraries in the world, and it is one of the finest examples of Rococo architecture in Switzerland. This library, in addition to the Benedictine Monastery that was established by Saint Gall in 612 AD, is classified as among the sites UNESCO World Heritage, this library is famous for many books and handwritten manuscripts, which were drawn by monks in the Middle Ages.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is the largest lake in the Alps in Europe, located on the Swiss-French border, specifically in the city of Geneva, the most famous city in Switzerland, and is located between beautiful peaks covered with snow, surrounded by many gardens and parks, in addition to To consider the old city a great place for walks among the historic buildings near this lake.

The Jungfroguch Pass

The Jungfraujoch mountain pass is one of the most popular areas that attracts nearly two million tourists annually, as it is the highest train station in Europe at a height of about 3,454 meters, where the summit can be reached by riding the train that runs from the Cliff Shaydig slope until reaching the Aiger Iceberg. This trip also offers many breathtaking views of the Alps and Aletsch Iceberg.

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