Trabzon is a Turkish tourist city located on the historical Silk Road in the northeastern side of the country on the coasts of the Black Sea, and it is also the center of Trabzon Province and the commercial portal of the Iranian state from the southeastern side of the country and the Caucasus from the northeastern side, and the population of the city is approximately 214,949 Nesma, the majority of its population are Turks, Greeks, and Nabateans, and an area of ​​approximately 4,858 km2.

The first of the life of the city of Trabzon merchants from Malatya during the eighth century BC, as Greece came to the region during the year 65 BC and took control and occupied it, then the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II seized it in 1461 AD and made his son Sultan Selim I the ruler over it.

The names of the city of Trabzon

Trabzon is known historically by several names, including: trapezund, tripezund, trapezus, tribesundi, while the Turks called it Trabzon, and in the Latin language it is called trapezus.

The most prominent landmarks in the city of Trabzon

Sumela Monastery

It is a five-storey building with a central courtyard, rooms, kitchens and a library carved into the rocks. It is located at an altitude of 1200 meters from the sea surface, and at the end there is a walkway with a beautiful view. The building is surrounded by charming and attractive natural scenery, which made it a tourist and historical place worth visiting. .

The Hagia Sophia Museum

It is a historical museum dating back to the thirteenth century, and in the past it was originally a Caledonian church, and it is one of the few examples that remained from ancient Byzantine architecture, and in 1461 AD it was converted into a mosque, where the paintings in it were painted, and then it turned into A Russian hospital for a short period during the First World War, then it was returned to a mosque again until it was converted and became a museum during the year 1964 AD.

Bose Tipi Picnic Park

It is a park located in the Turkish city of Trabzon, and it has attractive and wonderful views of the coast and the city, and it is more than a place for picnicking, where in the foot was a place of temples built to honor the Persian sun god Mithra, then the Byzantines came and built several buildings in it, but at the present time It includes restaurants and tea rooms that make it a place that many people love to visit.

Uzungol Lake

It is a small lake whose circumference does not exceed 3 km, and is located at an altitude of 1250 meters above the sea, surrounded by mountains and forests, which increases its beauty and charm, and a mosque in white color has two minarets next to it, and the name Uzungol means the long lake, as its water flows through Many tributaries in the Black Sea.

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