Leopold Museum

The Leopold Museum includes the most important collection of Austrian arts in the world, and they belong to two Austrian artists and painters, such as: Gustav Klimt, Coleman Moser, Oscar Kokushka, and others, knowing that visitors can tour the museum’s history, The Austrian, and the stages of its radical development, also includes a group of Leopod many other facilities, such as theaters, cafes, and restaurants.

Natural History Museum

This amazing museum is considered one of the most important museums of the city of Vienna (English: Natural History Museum), and it was opened for the first time during the mid-eighteenth century AD, but its current form has been present since the seventies of the nineteenth century, and it includes many structures of dinosaurs and dinosaurs, It includes presentations for understanding human origins, and the stages of their development, as well as containing astronomical dome.

State Hall

The State Hall is located in the Austrian National Library, which is a spacious and luxurious hall dating back to the eighteenth century AD, and is characterized by its amazing architecture, as the wonderful murals and marble sculpted floors appear with a rare, high-sculpted floor that is under the shelf.

Hundertwasser house

The Hundertwasser House is an amazing residential building designed by architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. It appeared as an unconventional architectural masterpiece, and delights everyone who sees it with its bright colors, and is one of the most prominent buildings in Vienna.

Burggarten Park

The Burggarten park is located opposite the Austrian National Library, a park, and a picturesque natural park that formerly represented the garden of the Emperor of Austria, and today is an open place for tourists, and visitors who love the calm atmosphere.

Opera House

The opera house (German: Staatsoper) is considered one of the important landmarks in Vienna, and it is found in an old historical building built during the period between (1861-1869 AD), and by the design of the architects: Eduard van der Nol, and August Sikkard Spurge, so it appeared as a purse. It is still a place for concerts, ballet shows, and more.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephan’s Cathedral (in German: Stephansdom) was built during the twelfth century AD, and it is distinguished by its amazing Gothic architecture. Tiled roofs, sculpted statues appear precisely, and the Gothic stone pulpit standing in the fifteenth century.

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