The clock tower / Abraj Al-Bait square sits on the list of the best tourist attractions in Mecca that a Muslim cannot visit the city without taking the most wonderful pictures of him and him, and completing a reservation in the clock tower or in the hotels of Mecca near the best options to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Great Mosque of Mecca with its holy shrines , With an upscale series of services and facilities.

Here are some tips before making a clock tower reservation or hotels in its vicinity, stating the best accommodation options from nearby clock tower hotels.

The most important tips before booking in the clock tower

• Tourism in Mecca is linked to the religious aspect of Muslims of various nationalities, and accordingly it is linked to specific times and seasons, such as the Hajj season in Dhu al-Hijjah and the age of Ramadan, which makes completing a reservation in the clock tower or Saudi hotels in general more expensive during this period.

• And given that the clock tower hotels are the closest thing to the Meccan sanctuary, where most of the rituals of Hajj and Umrah are performed, and where you can enjoy direct and wonderful panoramic views of the sanctuary, the cost of staying in them is often high, and decreases the further we move away from the tower and the lower the hotel rating.

• However, it should be noted that the Fairmont Makkah Hotel is the only hotel that is located within the clock tower, while other hotels are located in and around its vicinity.

The best accommodation options when booking Mecca Clock Tower hotels

The scope of the Makkah Clock Tower includes a group of the finest Saudi hotels and the best Makkah hotels that suit pilgrims and pilgrims.

We have chosen for you a group of hotels that are close to the clock tower, with the exception of the Fairmont Hotel, it is within the clock tower as well as within our nominations.

The Fairmont Makkah Hotel

One of the hotels in Mecca near the sanctuary and the best options that you can think of when booking the clock tower for a hotel stay, where the hotel located inside the tower and classified as one of the tallest buildings in the world provides an upscale accommodation in elegant units overlooking the sanctuary, with a fitness and spa center, a business and meeting center.

The Fairmont is located within the Abraj Al Bait Towers complex
The Hour ”, 2.7 km from the Kaaba and the Grand Mosque, 96.4 km from the King’s Airport
Abdulaziz International, the nearest airport.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was rated very well, as a great choice for hourly hotel reservations, and the highest ratings were for location, comfort, cleanliness, and amenities.

Hotel reservation
The most important tips before booking in a clock tower and hotels in its vicinity

Swiss Hotel Makkah

Swiss Hotel Makkah is one of the right options when booking in the clock tower for pilgrims, pilgrims, individuals and families.

Where the place offers spacious units equipped directly overlooking the Kaaba and the Sacred Mosque, in addition to distinct restaurants with easy access to the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

The hotel is located next to Abraj Al-Bait, 2.6 km from the Holy Mosque, and the nearest airport to King Abdulaziz International Airport is 95.3 km from it.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel has a very good rating and is an ideal choice for booking the clock tower in Mecca, thanks to the location, comfort and cleanliness.

Hotel reservation
Book the clock tower or hotels located in the vicinity

Dar Al Eiman Royal Hotel Makkah

One of the best options that can be used when booking in the Clock Tower for the elderly, where the hotel is located opposite one of the gates of the Grand Mosque, which is the King Abdul Aziz Gate.

Ideal for wanting to book the Clock Tower Hotel is to provide Asian and international meals, laundry services, ATMs and gift shops.

The hotel is 2.7 km from
The Sacred Mosque, 95.3 from King Abdulaziz International Airport.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel got a good rating and came
Highest ratings for location, comfort, cleanliness, while prices and internet services got
Lower rating.

Hotel reservation
Tips to help you before booking the clock tower or hotels in its vicinity

Retaj Al Bait Hotel

One of the hotels that many resort to when considering a reservation in the clock tower, where the hotel offers modern fully equipped units, a restaurant, internet services and a 24-hour reception.

A choice of clock tower reservation may be located on this hotel, as it is 2.6 km from the Holy Mosque and 95.3 from King Abdulaziz International Airport.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel got a good rating thanks to the location, the staff and the amenities, while the prices got a satisfactory rating.

Hotel reservation
Directions you must do before booking Mecca Hotels Clock Tower

What are the most important tips and directions that you should do before booking the Clock Tower Hotel?

You should start by following the watch tower hotels pages on the websites related to hotel reservations and reviews.
Then he made comparisons among them to choose the best in terms of features and prices before making the clock tower reservation.

What are the best times of the year for hotel clock tower reservations?

The best days of Dhu al-Hijjah and Ramadan are the best times of the year. You can make reservations at the clock tower to complete the Hajj and Umrah rituals.
If you are looking for lower prices for a quiet stay away from crowds and noise, you can complete the Umrah rituals in other Hijri months except for Ramadan and the month of Hajj.

A comprehensive guide for booking the clock tower in Mecca: What are the best hotels the clock tower book for 2020?

Makkah Hotels Directory includes the best updated Mecca Clock Tower Hotels of the year 2020 periodically according to real reviews from Arab visitors.

How and on what basis do you choose to book a hotel clock?

This varies according to the preferences of the Arab residents to stay in Makkah Al-Mukarramah. Do they prefer to live with direct views of the Great Mosque of Mecca with its many religious shrines, or are they searching for hotels that are less crowded and expensive?

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