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Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, with a population of thirteen million people, and is considered the most beautiful city in terms of its strategic location overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara and its picturesque nature, it is known as the city of the seven hills surrounded by it from all sides.

Tourist areas in Istanbul

  • Ataturk Park and Forest: It is considered one of the most beautiful and calm natural areas, where it helps to relax and psychological comfort for those who need to spend some time away from the noise and hustle of the city, it is located next to the famous Belgrade Forest, and contains three beautiful lakes, in addition to the presence of many rare trees and plants Which may not be found anywhere else, and the park area may reach about three kilometers.
  • Metro City Shopping Center: It is considered one of the oldest and most important shopping centers in Istanbul, as it is characterized by its large area and it contains distinctive goods and products. This center is located within the European part of Istanbul in an area known as Levent, which this area is famous for being the trade center in Istanbul, and that Because there are many commercial and shopping centers different.
  • Museum and exhibition games: This museum specializes in displaying games for children, which are bringing thousands of these games from all countries of the world at different time periods, as there are some very old games that may exceed decades of age, and this is what made it a distinguished museum that accompanies Parents have their children to visit.
  • Sulaymaniyah Mosque: This mosque was built during the period of the Ottoman rule, and the restoration process took three years, as it was opened on Eid al-Adha five years ago, and this mosque is located within a privileged location, where it was built on a high hill overlooking the Bosphorus Strait in addition to the Gulf of the Golden Horn, and the mosque contains In his design of simple motifs and patterns compared to the rest of the Ottoman mosques, in addition to the presence of four minarets around it, the intention of the number of minarets is that Suleiman the Magnificent is considered the fourth Ottoman Sultan after the conquest of Constantinople.
  • Taksim Square: It is considered one of the best and most famous tourist areas in Istanbul, where the street in which the square is located is one of the ancient streets in its history and important for the Turks, as the number of its visitors reaches three million visitors daily, as it contains major and important landmarks, such as the memorial, the tram, Old Yi, Rose Pass, Jezzy Park, Fish Bazaar.
  • Puppet hill (Buyuk Chamelja): This hill is considered one of the most charming and fun places that take the mind from the intensity of the beauty of its picturesque nature, where green plants and multicolored roses are scattered everywhere, in addition to containing restaurants, cafes and barbecue places.

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