Tourism in Indonesia has become more popular these days than previously, and various social networking sites that have shed light on it recently and its breathtaking natural places breathed in, and given the increased demand for travel to Indonesia for tourism, the Arab Travelers website provides you with the following A guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Indonesia for youth and all ages.

Tourism in Indonesia

  • Indonesia has many tourist attractions, ranging from natural, recreational and historical.
  • Its weather is moderate and is generally divided into two rainy seasons and a dry season. The best time to visit it is the dry season that starts from May and lasts until September.
  • Indonesia is one of the countries that do not need an entry visa. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia visa has been canceled and its entry requires only a valid passport.
  • Below, we will get to know together the most important islands and tourist cities in Indonesia in some detail.

Indonesia Jakarta

Among the most famous cities in Indonesia, which enjoy many tourist places, including:
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Park:

  • One of the most important tourist destinations in Jakarta, which includes a microcosm of Jakarta’s most important tourist attractions, in addition to the presence of a children’s playground, an animal park, and a number of restaurants and cafes.
  • It also has a beautiful lake where you can enjoy fishing on its banks, or take a small boat tour.
  • We advise you not to miss the opportunity to see the entire park from above through the cable car tour.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Park
the National Museum:

  • Among the important landmarks of Jakarta to display features on Indonesian history from its inception until today.
  • It contains more than 140,000 artifacts dating back thousands of years that you will not see anywhere in the world.
  • It also includes more than five thousand artifacts collected from all parts of Indonesia, allowing you to see the history and heritage of Indonesian in one place.

the National Museum

  • Monas Tower:
  • It is a monument in the middle of Jakarta, you can climb to the top to get a wonderful view of the city from above.
  • You can also visit the museum, which is located in the tower and includes many paintings and exhibits that express Indonesian culture and art.

Monas Tower
Sea World Jakarta:

  • It is a popular entertainment spot that specifically attracts families.
  • It contains a giant water basin that includes more than five thousand different species of marine animals.
  • It also includes a group of water games that allow you to spend quality time in the company of your children, in addition to the possibility of entering the cinema and enjoying a pleasant meal in one of the restaurants located there.

Sea World Jakarta

Tourism in Bali

Bali is the most famous island in Indonesia due to its beautiful natural scenery.
Jimbaran Beach

  • Bali island includes a group of wonderful beaches, which is the first destination for tourism there, and the most important of these beaches: Jimbaran Beach
  • The beach of Guimyaran is characterized by the purity of its waters, its calm atmosphere, and its soft white sand.
  • And spread along the beach a group of cafes and restaurants distinctive that provides you to have a wonderful meal in a charming atmosphere.

Jimyaran Beach
Jet Jet waterfall

  • Bali is also famous for its charming waterfalls spread throughout the island, and the most famous of them are: Jet Jet Waterfalls.
  • The waterfall descends from a plateau about 45 meters above the ground, and is surrounded in all directions by tropical trees, cocoa and coffee trees.
  • Also nearby are some small shops that sell souvenirs.

Jet waterfalls

  • In addition to the presence of a number of distinctive gardens in which you can spend a wonderful time in it and the most important: Safari Bali Garden.
  • It includes more than 400 animal species brought from India, Africa and Indonesia.
  • You can take a tour of the armored car and enjoy watching the animals up close.
  • You can also watch live shows served with animal help, or head to the water park in the park.

    Bali Safari Park

Tourism in Bandung

Among the cities of Indonesia that are distinguished by the diversity of their tourist places, which makes them suitable for all tastes, and among the most important tourist places:
Wonderland Camoping Gajah:

  • It is one of the most famous destinations in Bandung that attract all age groups due to the various activities that its visitors can offer, such as riding cars and horses.
  • Or enjoy taking a boat tour in the water pools.
  • You can also head to the water games city, which includes a set of exciting and exciting games.

Wonderland Camoping Gajah
Cheatr region:

  • It has many natural sulfur-based health resorts.
  • You can also stroll near the river and admire the stunning scenery around it.
  • There is nothing more delicious than a traditional meal you get at one of the popular restaurants in the area.
  • We advise you not to miss the opportunity to rent a small cottage and spend some time in the arms of nature on the banks of the river.

Tankopan Volcano:

  • It is a place that attracts fans of adventure and exploration in particular, as it is a dormant volcano, and is also an attractive place for natural lovers to charm the surrounding area.
  • It houses a group of sulfur water springs that provide you with a great opportunity to relax.
  • You can also enjoy a traditional meal of Indonesian food from one of the popular restaurants around it.

Tankopan Volcano

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