The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin

The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary (German: Frauenkirche) is also called the foothold of Satan, and it is considered one of the most important features of the city of Munich, and it is a historical archaeological church built for the first time during the fifteenth century AD, and accommodates about twenty churches It is also distinguished by its impressive architecture and its tall towers.

Residence Palace

Residence Palace is a historical and archaeological palace that began construction in one thousand three hundred and eighty-five, and previously represented the residence of the ruling family, but today it is open to visitors, and tourists who can wander in the wings of the palace, artistic history, museums, artifacts and museums And museums of decoration, and others.

Maria Square

The Marienplatz square is located in the heart of Munich, an old historical square founded in the year one thousand one hundred and fifty-eight, and at that time it represented a place for the display of goods and the establishment of championships, and today with its landmarks it is very popular with visitors to the city, especially : Neues Rathaus), which includes about four hundred rooms.

The Theatrical Church

The Church is located near the monument of Feld Haren Halle, which is one of the important historical monuments in Munich, as it dates back to the seventeenth century AD, and is distinguished by its yellow color, and its tall towers with a height of up to sixty-six meters, and a monumental summit of one and a height of one to two. .

Nymphenburg Palace

The Nymphenburg Palace (in German: Schloss Nymphenburg) is located to the northwest of the Old Town (in German: Altstadt), five kilometers from it, and it is a luxurious palace, and a huge building began in the year one thousand six hundred and sixty-four, and at that time it represented a private elephant, then underwent many operations The expansion by the royal family; to appear as it is today.

Alt Pinakothek Museum

The Alt Pinakothek Museum is considered one of the most important art museums in Germany; it includes many art collections of artists who lived during the period between the two centuries: the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries AD, and these groups are distinguished by their high quality and deep meanings.

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