Byrne, this small, classic city on a peninsula shaped by the winding turns of the Arr River, and the beautiful design of Bern’s Old Town, He made it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List, with 4 miles of arched corridors along the streets, as well as fountains and clock towers. This is just one of the many tourist places that you can visit, there are markets and mountainous areas around and a lot of things to set in Bern, Switzerland Very precious pearls and jewels.
Bern is located in the center of Switzerland and is very well linked with the rest of the country, which provides tourists with easy access to it, and the main language spoken by the inhabitants in Bern is German Bernese, which is a Swiss dialect of German local, and it seems that English is replacing French as a second language A favorite in Berne, although the Canton of Bern is a Canton that speaks German and French. Either way, the tourist will have a pleasant opportunity with the locals to speak the language he is fluent in or willing to try to speak.

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The most famous market in Bern

Despite the small size of the city, it is characterized by markets and shops, which made it a destination for shopping as an alternative to major destinations Shopping street One of the best shopping areas in the whole of Europe and not only in Switzerland, which is located in the heart of the old city of Bern, and it includes many various shops with its goods and prices, from high-end Swiss watches and luxury fashion to small personal supplies, not to mention cafes and restaurants that offer the best drinks and the best Food.
Among the streets you can go to in Bern are also the main train station street “Bahnhof Istrassen” and the six-kilometer-long Gassi Market Street, and Rathausgas Street and its parallel streets include a huge number of shops with an amazing variety of things, from luxury goods to things Swiss souvenirs are like watches and simple craftsmanship, and the really interesting thing is the real pleasure in exploring the arcades and vitrines.

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open market An exciting experience in all the cities of Europe, including Bern, for you not to miss visiting its open market on Matten Cartier Street, where you can find many artifacts and anecdotes used. As it prepares Crafts market Where you offer handicrafts and art, one of the most important markets that we recommend you to visit if you are looking for some traditional things or exclusive holdings, it is located near the cathedral in Bern Munster.
As for the daily Swiss life, you will get to know it more closely if you go to the bread and sweets market, which opens its doors daily, and reaches its peak during the big festival once a year, or in the open market for various products and foods every Saturday and Tuesday, in addition to the big popular onion festival, which is considered A huge market in all parts of the city during the last week of November.

Bern’s Old Town

The ancient city of Berne was founded in 1191 by the Duke Bertold V von Zehringen, and was part of the Holy Romen Empire, then it became a free imperial city by the Romen Emperor Frederick II in 1218 after Bertold died without having an heir. In 1353 Bern joined the Swiss Confederation, and after many conflicts Bern became the largest independent city north of the Alps. It was occupied by French forces in 1798 during the French Revolutionary Wars, stripped of a large part of its territory, and then became the Swiss capital in 1848.
The city was built on a narrow hill surrounded by the three sides of the water of the River Aare, and thanks to its layout it has remained unchanged since its establishment, and despite the great fire that occurred in 1405, a large part of it was rebuilt with sandstone after that and the construction efforts that occurred in the eighteenth century, However, the ancient city has been preserving its architectural character from the Middle Ages and has today been a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site since 1983.
The ancient city of Bern is home to the largest cathedral in Switzerland, as well as a group of churches, bridges and fountains dating back to the Renaissance, in addition to many historical buildings, including the federal, cantonal and municipal government buildings, and all parts of the town highlight those distinctive Swiss cultural characteristics that deserve attention To it during your next visit.

Tourist attractions

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Add to clock tower In the center of the old town, which was built during the 13th century, Bern is full of historical monuments and museums, and perhaps the first thing you should go to to get to know about the city closely is Bern Historical Museum Located in the square of Helvetplatz, which is the second largest historical museum in Switzerland, it contains one of the most important ethnographic collections in the country and combines under one roof together with Bernie’s historical collections. The building also houses the Einstein Museum.
Another destination that you should visit is The Federal Palace of the State of Switzerland Or “Bundeshaus” which is the seat of the Swiss parliament and is located in the Bundesplatz square or the Federal Square, was built before the end of the nineteenth century, and you can get a free tour with the tour guide outside the period of sessions held by Parliament.
If you are a mathematics fan then you should visit Einstein House BuildingThe building is located on Carramgas Street, and is actually a house that Albert Einstein rented with his wife during his years at the Swiss Patent Office, and in this small apartment relativity theory emerged as Einstein was watching the busy street and beautiful clock tower. Today, there are many original photos and documents on Einstein’s life, work, and lectures.

Here culture and nature meet ..

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There are also many other museums that you can go to Kunstmuseum It is the Museum of Fine Arts, located on Hudlerstrasse, the oldest art museum in Switzerland and includes a collection of works by painters Swiss Alps Museum Located at the Helvetiaplatz Square, visitors are shown the full diversity of the Swiss mountains, which are the core of sports tourism, adventure and sporting activities in Switzerland.
If you are with children then do not miss a visit Zoo “Tier Park Dalholisle ” It is located along the River Aar and has many outdoor facilities. From them you can take them to Bear Park “Bear Park” For a little relaxation away from the city atmosphere, head over to GortenIt is a beautiful hill with garden and wonderful panoramic view of Bern on one side and the Alps on the other.

Are you thinking about visiting the city of Bern Switzerland?

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