One of the best hotels in Mecca and one of the well-known hotels in Saudi Arabia is the Nawazi Thir Hotel
It is also one of the most important hotels close to the Great Mosque of Makkah and cheap, as it is characterized by a good location near the Great Mosque of Makkah, next to a large number of high-end services and facilities, from which we will learn more through our report today.

Its most important features Nawazi hotel and Thir Makkah

The hotel rooms offer various views of Jabal Al-Kaaba Street with modern rooms of large areas
The rooms provide basic amenities that guests might need, such as a living area and a dining table.
Noisy Hotel offers other services and facilities such as a shared TV lounge, on-site shops, and a chapel.
There is also a meeting room and business center for a fee.
This is in addition to the hotel Noazi and Thir Makkah contain rooms that include many facilities, including family rooms, and non-smoking rooms.
The hotel also includes a parking fee for one day, and the hotel’s reception staff works around the clock.

Dining options

One main option for dining at the hotel is the Al Rehab Restaurant, which serves Mediterranean and Oriental food.

Available rooms In the Hotel Nawazi and Thir Makkah

Double room, accommodates 2 adults and 1 child.
Triple room, accommodates 3 adults and 1 child.
Quadruple room, accommodates 4 adults and 1 child.
Two bedroom suite for up to 4 adults and a child.
3-bedroom suite for 9 adults and 1 child.

Prices Noisy Wathir Hotel Makkah Al-Mukarramah

Standard room rates per night range from 25 to 83 USD and vary according to the rooms and the tourist season.
It is one of the cheapest hotels in Mecca in Ramadan that is preferred by Arab visitors.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Nawazi Hotel, Thaerat Makkah was rated well in both location, staff and value for money and comfort.
He also received a good evaluation in cleanliness, facilities and Wi-Fi.
Some guests complained about the cleanliness of the hotel.

Hotel reservation
Nawazi Hotel, Thir Makkah has many rooms, including family rooms.
Noazy Hotel and many of the cheapest hotels in Mecca in Ramadan
It includes Noazy and Luther triple and quadruple rooms.
There is one restaurant in Nawazi and Thir Mecca that serves local cuisine.

The location of Nawazi hotel and Thir Mecca

Nawazi Hotel is 3.5 km from the Great Mosque of Mecca and 11 km from Mecca Mall, while the Sayyidah Aisha Mosque is 8.4 km away.
While Makkah Airport is 29.9 km from the hotel, and Jeddah International Airport is 94.8 km from the hotel.

To learn more details about Nawazi Hotel, Thayer Makkah and offers prices, you can read in Bukking.

Hotel reservation

Hotels near Nawazi Makkah Hotel:

Al Massa Facilitation Hotel Makkah, Amjad Al Diyafah Hotel Makkah, Grand Makkah Hotel, Al Kiswah Towers Hotel Makkah

What are the features that make Noasi Hotel a great choice? Economic rates, availability of various rooms including family rooms, relatively close to the Great Mosque of Mecca. What are the disadvantages of the Noazi Thair Hotel that you should be aware of? Among the negatives that Arab guests mentioned in their hotel reviews: the lack of parking, the lack of cleanliness of rooms, especially bathrooms, the lack of some facilities in the rooms. Is there a swimming pool in noisy and much? There is no swimming pool in the hotel. How much does it cost to stay in a noisy and tender hotel in Mecca for one night? The cost of stay in the Nawazi Hotel and Thir Makkah ranges between 33 dollars and 165 dollars for the standard room, depending on the period of the year. Is breakfast included in Noissy Thirir Makkah Hotel included in the price of stay? Breakfast is included in the price of the stay, according to the reservation type. This is clearly stated in the reservation details. Is breakfast good or bad in a loud nozy hotel? Not enough information about breakfast at the hotel. Is Nozy hotel and suitable for Arab families? Nozy is a lot suitable for Gulf and Arab families in general, as it provides triple and quadruple family rooms. What is the best way to get to the Nawazi and Thir Mecca from the airport quickly? From the King Abdulaziz Airport, the hotel can be reached within an hour and 12 minutes via Track 15 and Huda Al Sham Road. What is the dining experience in a noisy and tender hotel in Makkah? The hotel has one restaurant serving local food. Are there good restaurants close to the location of the Nawazi hotel, Thayer Makkah? The hotel is close to several Arabic restaurants, including the Arab Restaurant, Turkish Restaurant and Asian Food, Spa Restaurant and Bakery. What sightseeing activities to do near Nawazi Hotel, Thir Makkah? Near the hotel there are a number of attractions, the most important of which are: Zamzam Well, Abraj Al Bait Mall, Makkah Al Mukarramah Museum, Al Diyafa Mall and Hijaz Market. How far is the Hotel Nawazi and Thir Makkah from the tourist areas in Mecca? The hotel is 9.2 km from Bir Zamzam, 3.7 km from Abraj Al-Bait Mall, 3.5 km from Makkah Museum, and 3.3 km from Al Diyafa Mall.

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