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The tourist city of Antalya

The city of Antalya is located in the southwest of Turkey on the coast of the Mediterranean, which is the capital of the province of Antalya, and its distinctive location has gained it many tourist features, as it is surrounded by beaches, mountains and coasts, which made it a destination for many tourists and landscape lovers, and in 2011 the city ranked third in the world In terms of the number of tourists after London and Paris, with an area of ​​about 1411 km2, and a population of about 775.157 people, according to 2007 statistics, the city is characterized by its hot dry climate in summer, and warm rainy winter.

The most beautiful tourist places in Antalya

The old town of Kaleici

The Byzantine Empire built the ancient city of Kaleici, located in the center of Antalya, and is characterized by its historical charm; it contains the most important monuments of the city that attract tourists, and is characterized by its cobbled streets and narrow alleys that teem with life throughout the day, as there are many traditional Turkish shops And cafes, and Kaleici is considered one of the most important tourist places, from where cruises start to see the city of Antalya, and the Taurus Mountains from the sea, or to dive in and explore the bottom of the Mediterranean.

The Water Museum

The Aquarium is known as the Antalya Aquarium and is the largest fish tank in Europe, with a length of about 131 m, and allows tourists to see thousands of marine creatures, and fish brought to the city of Antalya from various seas and oceans around the world, including the wild animals that the tourist can swim with , And the museum contains the largest hall in the world covered with snow, with an area of ​​about 150 square meters, and the temperature in the hall below zero degrees of five degrees.

the aquatic city

Antalya has the largest water games city in Europe, allowing visitors and tourists to enjoy water games and have fun.

Antalya Museum

The museum was founded in 1922 AD, it was established in its current location in the year 1972 AD, and in 1985 AD it was updated to include the most important artifacts in Turkey, and the museum is divided into different exhibition halls, each indicating a time period in Turkey.

Olympus Teleferic

The cable car is about 2365 meters above sea level, allowing visitors to view landscapes, mountains, and beaches from above, and enjoy the unique experience of ten minutes.


There are many beautiful waterfalls in the city of Antalya; the most important and beautiful are: Duden Waterfall and Kurshunlu Waterfall.

Ataturk Park Antalya

Ataturk Park Antalya contains extensive green areas, and it has many flowers, and allows visitors to enjoy the sport of parasailing, and provides them with many events and services throughout the day.

The beaches of Antalya

The beaches are characterized by its soft white sand and clear blue water. The beaches are the first destination for tourists and visitors, and the most important of them are: Konyaalti Beach, where they practice swimming and water skiing.

Cuprolu Valley

Cuprolo Valley is characterized by the beauty of its nature and its Romen ruins, such as: the ancient Romen bridge, and many wild animals live in the valley, such as: bears, deer, mountain goats, and rabbits, and water sports and camping enthusiasts are among the most important pioneers.

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