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The tourist city of Zarzis

The city of Zarzis is a city located in the southeast of the Tunisian country, approximately 540 km from the capital Tunis, where the peninsula of Zarzis extends from several directions, so that its lands embrace a large part of a plain known as Jafara Al Kabir, and this city is famous for its many archaeological sites. From its people to be one of the most important tourist cities in the country, and in this article we will talk about the tourist city of Zarzis.

Zarzis tourist sites

The city is distinguished for containing various rich natural resources, which enabled its people to be one of the most important tourist poles in the state of Tunisia, and among its most important tourist sites: Al-Oqla and Al-Suwaihil. The city is also distinguished by the length of its sandy coasts, which reach nearly tens of kilometers, and is found on This beaches palm oases extend along the coast, so that it forms a beautiful natural view, and the most important tourist sites in the city:

The Zarzis Museum

The Zarzis Museum is considered one of the most recent museums in Tunisia, and its most distinguished feature is its combination between archeology and anthropology, and between ancient history and contemporary lifestyle, and this city is considered one of the cities rooted in the depth of history, and its people were famous for their work in serving the land and exploiting marine resources since The oldest times.

This museum contains a group of monuments that indicate the skills and crafts that the people of the city excelled in. This museum was established in an ancient church dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century, and the collections displayed in the museum were found after excavations in many archaeological sites in the Zarzis Peninsula, As these monuments indicate the multiple civilizations that passed through the city since ancient times, and the collections displayed in this museum were found after excavations in several archaeological sites in the Zarzis peninsula, and they belong to the different civilizations that followed the Tunisian countries.

The new station

The area of ​​the new station, known as Laleh Halima, is approximately ninety hectares, which includes a group of hotels with four and five stars, and carnishes where cars do not pass, which extend up to four kilometers, and among its sides includes a wide range of cafes, restaurants, And shops, in addition to apartments containing a group of villas, and administrative areas that contain banks, and post offices.

Archeological sites of Zarzis

Zita site

The site of Zita includes an ancient Romen square surrounded by roofed porticos and a paved square, it also contains a temple dedicated to the African-Romen gods known as the Tanit, in which many sculpted statues were found, and a group of marble monuments, many of which are found in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Henshir Al Kalakh website

The Hunsheer Al-Kalakh site is one of the ancient sites located to the north of the city, which contains an old middle hall, and it is still preserved with few of its walls.

Qantara Tower site

Where the site of the Qantara Tower is located on the Hassi Al Jarbi beach, near the main road linking Zarzis to the island of Djerba, and this tower consists of a group of high external walls that are considered as a control tower to follow passengers and goods shipped to Djerba Island on sailboats, and there are four halls Inside the tower.

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