Alhokair Mall Tabuk is one of the most important markets in Tabuk, as it is characterized by its modern designs from abroad and inside, which were designed by specialized engineering companies, which worked to promote tourism in Tabuk greatly.
Al-Hokair Mall is located on a large area of ​​approximately 65 km, and is characterized by its great location in the center of Tabuk, where there are a number of important government centers near it, which made it one of the best tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia.

Activities that can be done in Al Hokair Mall, Tabuk

• Enjoy buying Abayas and robes of famous brands, and there are also designer watches selling international brands.

Al Hokair Mall, the distinguished Tabuk

• If you love jewelry and fashion, you can buy accessories and sparkling jewelry in Al Hokair Mall in its wonderful shapes.

Al Hokair Mall, well known Tabuk

• Bring some candy to your children from the Khalidiya Sky Car, which is characterized by its delicious taste. There is also a group of interesting children’s toys.

Al Hokair Mall

• You can buy some medicines and skin care products that you need from the pharmacy in Al Hokair Mall, which is characterized by offering many offers and discounts.

Al Hokair Mall, Saudi Tabuk

• And if you feel tired and hungry, eat your meal in Al Hokair Mall, Tabuk, which offers delicious food.

Al Hokair Mall, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

• You can eat a cup of cooked corn or flavored popcorn from the corn cup cart in Al Hokair Mall.

Al Hokair Mall, famous Tabuk

• We advise you to buy children’s clothes from the stores located in Al-Hokair Mall, as they are characterized by quality materials and low prices.

Al Hokair Mall, Saudi Tabuk

• You can buy smart scents from Al Hokair Mall, where you can buy them as a gift for your friends or family member.

Al Hokair Mall, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

• There is a dedicated play area, and if you take your children with you, enter this fun area that will significantly change the psychological state of your children.

Al Hokair Mall Tabuk wonderful

• Awareness campaigns are being conducted in Al-Hokair Mall, Tabuk, on the importance of stem cells and urging people to donate them to patients.

Al Hokair Mall Tabuk in Saudi Arabia

times of work

All days of the week except Friday from 9:00 AM to 24:00 AM.
Except on Friday from 14:30 PM to 24:30 AM.

Hotels near Al Hokair Mall, Tabuk

Luxury luxuries for hotel apartments, one of the best hotel apartments in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, about 3.5 km from Al Hokair Mall.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Luxury luxuries got excellent reviews on good reception, comfort, cleanliness, location, facilities.
Hotel reservation
Ettiad Hotel is one of the best Saudi hotels in Tabuk, near the Al Hokair Mall in Tabuk, with a distance of 3.8 km.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Ettiad Hotel rated very good for services, facilities, location, staff, cleanliness.
Hotel reservation

Al Hokair Mall location on the map

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