Kuala Lumpur is the popular and popular political capital of Malaysia, located in the west of Malaysia, and it is one of the largest tourism cities in Malaysia as it attracts hundreds of tourists from different parts of the world annually. .

Kuala Lumpur hotels

Tourism in Kuala Lumpur attracts huge numbers of tourists annually from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of this charming city, Kuala Lumpur owns many luxury hotels and Kuala Lumpur hotels are among the most luxurious hotels in Malaysia .. Read more

Best hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur’s best markets

Kuala Lumpur is a city of calm and restless and includes many markets that tourists from all over the world visit every year, and in this article we will highlight a group of the best shopping places in Kuala Lumpur

Chinese market

The Chinese market is one of the most popular markets in Kuala Lumpur, as it is one of the markets that attracts all shopping and tourist enthusiasts. The Chinese market is located in Petaling Street, where the cultural mix between the Indian, Chinese and Malaysian also, and the market is still up to now preserving its ancient heritage despite the updates witnessed by the Malaysian capital .
The market is famous for its tradition of international brands, which includes watches, glasses, accessories, clothes, bags and many others. Its most important products are the small figures of Petronas Twin Towers made of crystal in a wonderful way that dazzles the eyes.

The Chinese market in Kuala Lumpur

Sunway Pyramid Mall

Sunway Pyramid Mall is the most prominent mall for shopping and entertainment in Malaysia located in Selangor and is one of the Kuala Lumpur markets because it is within walking distance from it, the mall is distinguished by its wonderful Pharaonic design that resembles the Sphinx in Egypt to some extent at the entrance as well as the Pharaonic statues and distinctive inscriptions inside it, and includes a group of Fashion, accessories, shoes, watches, gifts, home furniture, technology centers and many many categories that make the tourist feel wonderful in shopping and entertainment in addition to a special section for restaurants that offers various Malaysian Asian and Western cuisine and fast food restaurants.
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Malls of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Medvali Complex

Medvali is one of the largest malls in Kuala Lumpur and is located near the Arab Street within the famous Golden Triangle area in the city. This complex occupies a large area estimated at 4.5 million square feet, and you can find a lot of various shops in addition to restaurants and cinemas, the complex includes in addition to the commercial center a complex for offices and a number of hotels.
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Shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The Twin Towers complex

This complex is located below the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, which are considered one of the most famous landmarks of the city, the complex is known as Suria KLCC and is one of the best markets of Kuala Lumpur, where it enjoys a location mediating the city’s sights and includes three sections: Ambang Mall, Ramley Mall, and the Garden Mall all contain shops Commercial for the most famous brands in addition to restaurants, cinemas and places of entertainment.

The best malls in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Pavilion Complex Kuala Lumpur

Among the most important shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur opened in 2007 in Bukit Bintang Street known as the Arab Street and is among the famous golden triangle in Kuala Lumpur, the Pavilion complex consists of several floors and is located on an area estimated at 1.37 million square meters and is thus one of the largest malls in Kuala Lumpur, the complex includes a center Retail sale and commercial office building, in addition to two towers housing apartments.
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The Chinese market in Kuala Lumpur

The Garden Mall

One of the most prestigious Kuala Lumpur markets where you find many international brands in the field of fashion and fashion, this complex opened in 2007 and consists of 6 floors comprising 200 diversified commercial stores and there are floors dedicated to restaurants and cafes, The Garden Mall is located next to the Medali complex and is connected by a suspension bridge.
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Kuala Lumpur markets

Star Hill Gallery

A huge commercial complex connected to the JW Marriott Hotel, and it is considered one of the largest shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur, where it consists of 7 floors that include the finest brands in various fields, from fashion that follow the most famous designs and international brands to jewelry and accessories, etc. The complex also includes many high-end restaurants.
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The best shopping places in Kuala Lumpur

Berjaya Times Square

One of the most famous markets in Kuala Lumpur to attract tourists as it is an integrated complex located within a building that crosses the fifth largest building in the world in terms of its lower base area, the complex includes ten floors containing approximately 700 retail stores in addition to containing the Thames Park which is a huge games city for adults and children and also two towers Each one is 203 meters long and a luxury hotel.
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The best malls in Kuala Lumpur

One Utama Mall

One of the most famous and finest malls in Kuala Lumpur is approximately 30 minutes away from the city center and occupies a large area close to five million square feet.
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Shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur

Sungei Wang B & B Plaza Mall

It is a great choice for those who want to shop in one of the most important malls in Kuala Lumpur and at the lowest costs, as this complex is distinguished by its varied prices from cheap, medium and expensive, and thus it is a place for shopping for different segments. This complex opened in 1977 and it consists of seven floors that include various shops and is linked to another shopping center established in 1979 and is BP Plaza.
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Malaysia market Kuala Lumpur

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