Nelson Island, Alexandria is one of the most famous and oldest islands in the city of Alexandria, which is located 4 km north of Abu Qir Bay and covers an area of ​​350 square meters.
And the island of Nelson is distinguished by its distinguished location as it was the last stop on Egypt’s commercial road.
It is characteristic of Nelson Island that its waters contain a number of sunken monuments, and the island’s land includes some of the ancient cemeteries.

Nelson Island, Alexandria

Activities you can do on Nelson Island, Alexandria

• Sitting on the land of Nelson Island and enjoying the breathtaking landscape and waters that surround you from all sides, relaxing and enjoying the exceptional atmosphere that characterizes Nelson Island, Alexandria is the most important thing you can do on the land of the wonderful island.

Nelson Island, Alexandria

For fishing enthusiasts, you can also enjoy a unique fishing experience during the trip to this Nelson Island, but it is advisable to choose the appropriate time to avoid surfing and get a smooth trip.

Nelson Island, Alexandria

• You can also take a diving trip in the waters of the island to enjoy watching the Ptolemaic monuments flooded between statues, temple ruins and jewelry pieces belonging to the Ptolemaic kings and queens.

Nelson Island, Alexandria

• You can also walk around the island and see the ancient cemeteries that are there, through which you can learn about the ancient Egyptian way of digging cemeteries and know their history.

One of the most beautiful natural areas in Alexandria

Ticket price

25 pounds.

Best hotels near Alexandria Nelson Island

Paradise Inn Le Metropole is a 4-star hotel in Alexandria, 10.9 km from Nelson Island, Alexandria
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The hotel has a good rating for the location, breakfast, location, staff and hygiene.
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Helnan Palestine Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Alexandria, Alexandria, 11.4 km from Nelson Island, Alexandria
Reviews of Arab visitors at this hotel
This hotel has a very good rating for the location, view, services and staff.

Nelson Island, Alexandria site

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