Peveril Castle dates back to the early Middle Ages, and the building that is now the remains of this castle. The Beverel Castle is located in Sheffield, in the British city, overlooking Castleton Village. The Beverel Castle was built on the Valley of Hope, and is characterized by its unique architectural style, as it is in the form of a triangle and is considered one of the most beautiful places of tourism in England.
Many visitors flock to the castle daily to get to know the historical architecture of the castle and to return a little in time to this era.

Beverel Castle in Sheffield

The best activities at the Beverel Castle in Sheffield

Enjoy enjoying wandering inside the castle and seeing its most important features, as you will start from the eastern door of the castle and then you will go up to see the rooms, corridors and walls, you will also see during your touring the remains of two towers that existed before the top of the castle, the remains of a small church, a large hall that seemed to be for celebration purposes, and the remains of a kitchen Castle and more.

Beverel Castle in Sheffield

• When going up to the castle building, don’t miss the opportunity to take a look at the panoramic view of the magnificent Peak District and the Valley of Hope, and you may want to take pictures at this place as well.

Beverly Castle Sheffield England

• You should now visit the Visitor Center where you will enjoy learning about the history of the Beverel Castle since its inception during the eleventh century, and the amendments that entered the castle with the change of the ruling families.

Beverel Castle is one of the best places to visit in Sheffield

• What is interesting is that you can take a stroll next to the Beverel Castle, where you will find a number of seats and tables directly in front of the visitor center, where you can sit and enjoy a snack on the wonderful view of the castle, or you can take a stroll on the green areas opposite the castle on the view of the Valley of Hope and the Peak District. It is worth noting that there is a cold drink and ice cream parlor in the visitor’s center area.

Beverrell Castle is one of the best tourist places in England Sheffield


Everyday from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm.

Entry prices

For adults 5.60 euros.
For children (from 5 to 15 years old) € 3.40.
For more information about changing prices, you can visit the official website ..from here

Beverly Sheffield Castle Hotels – Beverly Castle

The Rutland Hotel, one of the best 4-star hotels in Sheffield, is 3.7 km from Beverly Sheffield Castle.
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Most visitors rated it well for the site and staff.
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The Brocoe on the Park, one of the best 4-star hotels in England, Sheffield, is 3 miles from Beverly Castle in Sheffield.
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Most of the visitors gave him an excellent evaluation of hygiene and staff.
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Beverel Castle, Sheffield location on the map

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