Simple designs, walls decorated with reliefs reflect all the different eras of Egyptian civilization, bright colors, and domed curved surfaces, those are the Nubian House of Aswan, whose popularity exceeded the boundaries of the city of Aswan and Egypt in general, and it has become a symbol of environmentally friendly houses where they are built of clay and stones while covering their roofs With palm leaves and trunks.

When you experience tourism in Aswan and search between Aswan hotels in order to obtain a distinctive residence, many seek to stay in Nubia hotels that have many advantages, and through our article you will learn about the advantages of staying in the Nubian House of Aswan and what are the best Nubian homes in Aswan.

The Nubian House

Aswan hosts many Nubian homes in Aswan, which are considered guest houses that reflect the beauty of Egyptian civilization, and during the following lines you will get to know a group of Nubia House Aswan that has received the highest ratings.

Kato Dool Nubian Resort

It is a house
Nubian and Resort includes comfortable rooms, a shared lounge and garden, and offers exclusive activities
Sports events, music shows, and many more fun parties and tours.

This is away
The resort is 12.5 km from Aswan International Airport, and there are no attractions nearby.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Excellent is the overall rating achieved by the resort, it is the most beautiful Nubian house in Aswan thanks to the location, staff, cleanliness and comfort.

Hotel reservation
Our report provides ideal options for Nubian House Aswan seekers

Moroccan Guest House

This house allows its guests to benefit from several facilities and services, such as a restaurant, free parking, a shared lounge, garden, family rooms and a terrace, thus it is an ideal option for those looking for a newbie house for rent.

This Nubian House is separated by Aswan, 22.6 km from Aswan International Airport, and 7.9 km from the Aga Khan Mausoleum.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Exceptional is the rating this Nubian House Aswan deserves due to its staff, cleanliness, comfort and reasonable price.

Hotel reservation
Living in the Nubian House, Aswan, is the dream of all those wishing to get to know Egyptian civilization

Nubia Dollhouse Guest House

Residence experience
The Nubian House in Aswan is unique, and what makes it more special is this house that is provided
Restaurant, garden, accommodation with Al Bahah and fully equipped residential units.

It is an airport
Aswan International about 17.7 km from this house, and 6.2 km from the Botanical Island.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

With its excellent rating, we can consider the Nubian House in Aswan the best as it features free Wi-Fi, crew, location and reasonable price.

Hotel reservation
The Nubian House Aswan is characterized by bright colors and simple decorations

Ibiza Nubian House 1

Nubia House Aswan may be chosen on Ibiza
Nubian, it is ideal in many ways, the most important of which are its beachfront location and residential units
Fittings included.

This Nubian Aswan House is 15.9 km from Aswan International Airport, and there are no attractions nearby.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

It was rated as the best newbie house thanks to the view, the staff, the cleanliness and the comfort.

Hotel reservation
Ibiza Nubian House is one of the best accommodations in Nubian House Aswan

Why is staying in the Nubian House Aswan the perfect choice for many?

Accommodation in this type of house offers many advantages, the most important of which are:
Staying in quiet surroundings surrounded by an ideal atmosphere away from the noise of life.
Learn about the features of the Egyptian civilization, which is reflected in the trims and decorations.

What is the best house of the Nuba in Aswan?

Considered Moroccan Guest House The best Nubian house for rent has received exceptional reviews from its Arab guests.

What is the best house for families on this list of Nubian House in Aswan?

Remains Moroccan Guest House It is best when choosing the Nubian House in Aswan that is suitable for families, as it includes family rooms, and offers protection gates for children, while it is distinguished Kato Dool Nubian Resort Providing various family and entertainment services, although it does not contain family rooms.

How much does it cost to stay in Nubian House for one night?

The cost of staying in the Nubian House Aswan ranges between 37 and 120 US dollars per night, and varies according to the mark, room view and many other factors.

What is the best house of Nubia Aswan and closest to the airport?

Kato Dool Nubian Resort It is approximately 21 minutes by car to Aswan International Airport, by car.

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