Malacañang Palace is one of the most famous palaces in the Philippine city of Manila, and the secret of this fame is due to being the official residence of the President of the Philippines in the capital, Manila, the palace takes a wonderful design as it is built in a new Spanish and classic style. In addition to the fact that the palace is one of the most important places of tourism in the Philippines.

Malacanang Palace is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Manila, the Philippines

The Mallacanang complex and mansion of Manila directly overlooks the Pasig River, and dates back to the mid-eighteenth century when it was originally built as a Spanish aristocratic residence before it became the office of the Spanish generals

Malacanang Palace is one of the best tourist places in Manila, the Philippines

Things to do in Malacanang Palace Manila

• You will surely have a pleasant tour of the Malacanang Museum and Palace in Manila, where rare collections dating back to the Spanish occuAl Bahahn, in addition to its unique architecture and beautiful design.

Malacanang Palace Manila is one of the most important landmarks of the Philippines, Manila

• Malakanang Palace Garden is characterized by many rare green plants and breathtaking flowers, you can walk around and spend the best times in the fresh air.

Malacanang Palace is one of the most important museums in Manila, the Philippines

• You can have a hot drink from the garden cafe made of bamboo during your tour, where this cafe offers a range of refreshing and cold drinks and delicious local dishes of fish and rice and others.
• The palace also contains a huge library with a variety of books in various fields, which it will be fun for reading fans to take a tour of.

Malacanang Palace in Manila

• For lovers of photography and keep a variety of photos during their travels, you can take a number of beautiful memorial photos next to the most prominent landmarks of the palace, and the beautiful garden with huge trees perennials.

Malacanang Palace in the Philippines Manila

work hours

Saturday and Sunday the palace is closed, while the rest of the week the palace is available for visiting from 8:00 in the morning until 17:00 in the evening.
Admission is free for all individuals.

Malacanang Palace Hotels – Manila

The New World Manila Bay Hotel 5 of 5 stars is one of the best hotels in Manila, 2.7 km from Malacanang Palace Manila.
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The hotel got very good reviews for the location, cleanliness, staff, comfort. Some visitors complained about the breakfast, as many types of food are not suitable for Arabs.
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Tambayan capsule hostel is a budget Manila hotel, a two-star hotel located 2.5 km from Malacang Palace Manila.
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Overall the hotel received very good reviews.
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Malacanang Palace site of Manila

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