The coastal cities of Saudi Arabia are considered one of the most important tourist sites in the country, and among those cities is the city of Dammam, which is characterized by a unique nature. The country has paid special attention to the city of Dammam because it is a tourist and economic site that visitors from all parts of the world receive for tourism and trade.
Many distinctive cheap Dammam markets have been created that are worth a visit to serve the residents of the region and to support internal and external economic tourism.

The best Dammam hotels

The city of Dammam embraces how many of the best important hotels in Saudi Arabia, including what we have collected for you in the guide to the best hotels in Dammam .. Read more

Dammam hotels

The best cheap Dammam markets

Dammam is famous for the establishment of a large number of shopping centers and malls that have had an effective role in crystallizing the city’s economy and supporting the country’s economy, which is among the most important tourist attractions of Dammam.
We offer you in the coming lines some of the cheap Dammam markets that have won the approval of visitors to the city in general, and Arab visitors in particular.

Al-Haraj Dammam market

The Al-Haraj Dammam market is considered one of the most important cheap Dammam markets that provide a variety of goods and supplies that customers may need.
The forestry market depends on bargaining, supply and demand in its deals, which makes it one of the markets that provides goods with very competitive prices and offers.
Customers can buy clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, all kinds of furniture, electrical appliances, along with copper antiques, rosaries, and other Dammam forests.

Cheap Dammam markets

Hayat Plaza Market

Souq Al Hayat Plaza is located in the Al Anoud area of ​​Dammam, near the famous fish forestry, and it is one of the cheapest markets in the city, the market includes many retail stores that provide a variety of goods, from clothing and accessories, to household appliances and other goods.
The market is located on a lively street that includes many individual stores, restaurants and cafes, and a good number of important tourist sites in Dammam.

Cheap Dammam Saudi markets

Dammam Popular Market

The popular Dammam market, or the Harem market as it is known, is distinguished by a distinctive heritage design that simulates the history of the country and the Arab Gulf countries. The market is one of the cheap Dammam markets that provide all kinds of goods, large and small, at low prices, to suit the budget of all members of society.
It can be said that the popular Dammam market is an integrated center that includes many facilities from a variety of stores, children’s playgrounds, and distinctive restaurants and cafes.

Cheap markets Dammam Saudi Arabia

Love market in Dammam

The love market in Dammam is one of the oldest markets that reach 75 years old, and it is a 300-meter-long street. The lovers’ street or the love market is characterized by a variety of shops, but it is dominated by women’s stores selling clothes, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics.
Prices vary in the market, but they are in general and according to the opinions of many customers, very competitive, compared to other markets in the region.

Cheap markets in Dammam

Dammam wholesale market

Despite his name, the wholesale market includes, in addition to the wholesale stores, a large number of retail stores, and among what can be bought in the wholesale market is all the needs of women, including clothes, accessories, perfumes, as well as some shops that sell children’s clothing and household items. .
The market is characterized by its low prices, as it depends on the bargaining in concluding its deals, and according to some description, its prices may reach half compared to others.

Cheap markets Dammam in Saudi Arabia

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