New Delhi, the Indian capital, is one of the most important tourism destinations in India. This city is called mini India, as it is considered one of the most prosperous cities in the world in the fields of education, arts, entertainment, fashion, media, scientific research, and others.
The city of New Delhi includes popular and distinctive modern markets, but popular markets attract tourists because of the products they provide that reflect Indian culture.

Best hotels in Delhi

The capital, New Delhi, includes a group of the best hotels in India, and we have compiled a list of the New Delhi hotels recommended in this article … Read more

Best New Delhi hotels

The best markets of Delhi

Learn about the best shopping areas in Delhi, the Indian capital and the most popular New Delhi markets

Chandi Chowk Market

The Chande Chowk market is one of the oldest markets in Delhi, the capital of India, located near the old train station in the city and includes many shops and kiosks that sell various products such as fish, poultry, gold and gemstones, flowers, auto parts, brass articles, The market includes a special section for spices, which is the most popular and is preferred by tourists.

Shopping in New Delhi

Southern Market

One of the best markets in New Delhi is located in the south of the city and includes many stores that sell a variety of products including clothes bearing the most famous brands such as Benetton, Mango and Tommy Hilfiger and others in addition to shoes like Adidas and Nike and bags and jewelry and many others.

New Delhi markets

Nagar central duty market

The Lajpat Nagar Central Market is one of the most famous markets in Delhi. It is located in the south of the city, and it is a neighborhood with many shops and kiosks distributed on both sides of the street. The offered goods include clothes, fabrics, jewelry, and clay pots.

Delhi Markets

Deli Hat Market

Dilli haat is an open market place that allows tourists to buy products directly from their craftsmen, located in a rural area and it contains about 200 small stores that display craft goods and unique handmade products at reasonable prices, it is considered one of the best shopping places in Delhi where it is preferred by tourists who want to buy Antiques and premium goods at affordable prices.

Shopping in Delhi

Khan Market

One of the most famous markets in Delhi is located in the heart of the city and near the famous India Gate. It is considered one of the most prestigious markets in India that is frequented by ambassadors, celebrities and the rich. It includes the most famous international brands and galleries of high-end products in addition to the best Indian fashion houses.

New Delhi markets

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