Elephant Village was opened in 1973 as a shelter for elephants in the city of Pattaya, and a visit to the village is a unique experience for visitors from inside and outside the country, which contributed to raising its position among the tourism areas in Thailand
Besides the retired elephants, the village hosts many young elephants where they were born or were found around.
Small and large elephants have been trained to be used in the tourism field, such as passenger services and some dance and musical performances.
The village administration allows visitors to feed the elephants, approach them and caress them, and it provides a glimpse of how the elephants are hunted and trained inside the village.

The gates of elephants village in Pattaya

Activities you can do

• You can enjoy the tour of you and your family around the village to learn about the elephants and their lifestyle, and what activities and skills you can master.

A tour of Elephants in Pattaya

• You will also see a procession of elephants decorated with equipment, which is a representative group that suggests its role in defending the country during ancient times.

Showcasing the army in the village of elephants in Pattaya

• Certainly, you can watch elephant training methods, participate in feeding, and monitor them during their regular daily activities, and the bathing period is the most popular among visitors.

Shower period in Elephants in Pattaya

• The village offers safaris in the green countryside surrounding the village, where you can ride the appearance of elephants individually or in a group seat.

Safari trip in the village of elephants in Pattaya

• The village also includes some other animals that you can enjoy watching, and you can also benefit from other activities such as small jeep tours.

Jeep tour of Elephants in Pattaya

You can visit the Silk House, which offers you some explanations about the silkworm and its silk, and where you can buy some souvenirs.

The silk house in Elephants in Pattaya

• Then you can enjoy a delicious meal according to your choice from the village buffet, which offers you many varieties of food and local and international refreshments.

Entry prices

THB 1,600 per person, equivalent to $ 48.9.


Everyday from 8:30 in the morning until 6 in the evening.

Pattaya Elephants Village Hotels – Pattaya

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The location of the elephant village in Pattaya

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