Historical California Garden California Historical Citrus Garden, tells the story of the rapid development of the citrus industry in Southern California, and citrus cultivation began in 1873, when the United States Department of Agriculture sent two orange trees to Elisa Tibbets, and trees thrived due to the climate Mild in Southern California as well as healthy soil, and as soon as the locals tasted the sweetness of this sweet fruit grew in Eliza Tibbets Square, orange and lemon orchards and grapefruit groves began to appear all over the country, and inside the park can be enjoyed a free tour that includes tasting our eyes Orange California.

Riverside Museum
The museum contains a variety of artifacts dating back to Frank Miller, and Miller was known for his love for flying, and his fascination with fine art, for Miller and his family also playing a major role in turning the river into a center of economic and cultural activity. During the tour inside the museum, visitors can see exhibits that tell the major events from the history of Riverside.

University of California Riverside Botanical Garden
The botanical gardens at the University of California at Riverside, contain huge amounts of flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees, the horticultural group consists of rose gardens, herb gardens, cactus garden and the dor canyon, a shady area with California trees, visitors can see a selection of plants Desert and also displays the Australian and South African plants, and there is also a large piece of plants that grow in the “Sierra foothills” in California, the garden contains hundreds of different types of plants from all over the world, entry to the gardens is free, but guests Are invited to donate $ 5.

Metropolitan Riverside Museum
Riverside City Council opened the Metropolitan Riverside Museum in December 1924, the museum consists of original American artifacts, donated by Cornelius’s widow, Earl Ramsey D., who was known for his role in founding the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco), the museum grew rapidly with donations From ordinary citizens and local organizations, the Metropolitan Riverside Museum made its way to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987, and the museum consists of three main groups focusing on the nature, history and culture of the Riverside region. There is also an extensive archive of dozens of documents and photographs.

Castle Park
Castle Park is a family park in Riverside, and has not been opened for locals and visitors from outside the town since 1976, and the park includes many aspects of entertainment, including four mini golf courses, a water playground, gift shops, and a group Huge carnival games, and finally, the park includes more than 200 fun games that suit all ages, as well as a venue for birthday parties.

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