Tourism in Djibouti

المسافرون العرب

Lake Abe

This salty lake is located in the middle of a very hot low sphere, and it is characterized by limestone chimneys that spread in it, protrude from it, and vaporize the steam; which may reach a height of 45.7 meters, making it visible to the eye from a distance, and the width of Lake Abe is 9.66 square kilometers, It is home to the nomadic herders and a tremendous number of pink flamingos, and this lake is considered the ultimate destination for the waters of the Awash River in Ethiopia, and yet it is considered one of the vast areas consisting of salt flats.

Musha and Muskale islands

These beautiful islands are twenty minutes away from the capital, and each of them is distinguished by its wonderful beaches that are good for swimming and snorkeling, where coral reefs full of brightly colored fish abound, and it is also one of the best places to catch a group of large-sized fish such as: Agam and Dorad Musha Island is located miles from Djibouti Beach and surrounded by wonderful coral reefs. It is also a popular destination for visitors interested in snorkeling and diving, as well as fishing, and is a popular starting point for daily trips.

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Pincwali is considered one of the most beautiful places in Djibouti. It boasts stunning views of mountains and valleys along with a few waterfalls, lush green oases and small gardens, which a visitor to Djibouti can move between this diverse group.

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Judah Mountain

This mountain is located in the northwestern side of the Tajura Bay, with a height of 1750 meters. The region includes a giant oasis, which makes it one of the exceptional green spots on the map of this dry country. Many villages that are characterized by calm and quiet lifestyle around it, which provide opportunities for visitors For hiking,

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