Tourism in Portugal

Portugal is located in the southwestern part of the European continent, and shares its land borders with Spain, and its water borders with the Atlantic Ocean, and has a group of green mountains, rocky mountains, in addition to a variety of landscapes and waterfalls that attract tourists to it, and it is possible to travel to Portugal by air or by car from its neighboring countries, such as Spain and England, and there are multiple and cheap means of transport within Portugal; such as local airlines, trains, buses, cars, and boats.

The best time for tourism in Portugal

The best time for tourism in Portugal is between March and May, and between September and October, when the country is dominated by warm weather and moderate temperatures, as well as a tourist turnout during the Easter period.

The best tourist places in Portugal

Portugal is famous for its friendly residents, rich history, innovative art, and amazing scenery. Among the best tourist and archeological places that tourists can visit when they are in Portugal are the following:

  • Evora: The city of Evora is considered one of the World Heritage sites according to the classification of UNESCO, due to the archeological walls dating back to the Middle Ages, and other monuments that are still protected until now, such as the Romen Temple.
  • Madeira Islands: The island is famous for its subtropical atmosphere, providing tourists with a warm atmosphere on the beachfront during the winter season, in addition to being a modern destination for hiking.
  • Ericeira Village: The village of Ericeira depends on hunting and is intended for many tourists to surf, and is easily accessible from the capital Lisbon to this village, and despite being one of the busiest coastal towns, but tourists can spend their time sitting along the cliffs overlooking the coast, and enjoy eating Portuguese seafood in its fine restaurants.

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