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Tourism in the Caribbean islands

The Caribbean islands are a unique and distinctive tourist destination, where in most of its lands it has stunning sandy beaches that are adorned with a white color that captivates its viewers and the enjoyment of its visitors. The region by providing many recreational activities, including the ability to enjoy swimming with different types of dolphins and to practice one of the fun water sports such as swimming, diving, or surfing, and the Caribbean islands also have many ships Golf, revive the diverse golf that enables visitors to play and enjoy this land of the islands attractive.

Caribbean islands

The Caribbean islands are named after the West Indies, which are more than seven thousand different islands, of which thirteen islands are independent from them and some of them belong to other countries. The Caribbean islands are distributed between the northern side of South America and the eastern side of Central America in addition to the side Southeast of the Gulf of Mexico.

The largest of the Caribbean islands

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean islands, with a total land area of ​​approximately 40,852 square miles, and Cuba enjoys a one-party government which is the Marxist-Leninist Republic, and the island of Cuba depends on its economy on what is exported from different types of agricultural crops, and the population races vary She lives in the island, where the population is divided in terms of race into three sections; white race makes up 64.1%, mulatto makes up 26.6% and black race makes up 9.3%, and the total population of the island of Cuba is approximately 11239004 people.

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