Tourism in the White Sunday Islands .. The White Sundays have stunning natural scenery in addition to providing many recreational activities such as fishing, swimming and canoeing.

Tourism in the Whitsunday Islands ..

Tourism in the Whitsunday Islands ..Tourism in the White Sunday islands .. Traveling to the White Sunday islands, the number of islands reaches 74 and is considered part of the “Great Barrier Reef”, it is not difficult to reach the White Sand Islands, as there are a number of direct flights to it, then we find an airport on Hamilton Island and an airport in Prosserpine It can also be reached through one of the cities in Australia through boats and yachts. One of the most beautiful things on these islands is the hospitality provided by the local people to tourists.

“Whitehaven Beach” .. Tourist places in the White Sunday Islands ..

Whitehaven BeachWhitehaven Beach is one of the most beautiful and most famous beaches in the White Sand islands, the beach extends for a distance of 3 miles and we advise you to go to it dear the tourist to enjoy the white sand and you should swim in its beautiful waters, certainly a boat ride and kayaking with it also provides the beach many water games that Worth the experience so you should take souvenir photos with it.

“Island tour” .. the best tourist attractions in the White Sunday islands ..

Island tourA tour of the island, dear tourist. The White Sunday Island is considered one of the largest islands along the archipelago, so you should take a free tour with it to explore it closely, either on foot or by bicycle, and when you stroll through it you will see many of the many bays that residents go to in large numbers and you will find boats crowded in an area Tongue As the island is distinguished by its beautiful vegetation of trees and plants, you should take memorial photos with it.

“Diving in Whitsunday Islands” .. the most important places of tourism in the White Sunday Islands ..

Diving in Whitsunday IslandsDiving in the Whitsunday Islands, diving in Whitsunday Islands, the Whitsunday Islands offer a number of the most beautiful diving areas that tourists admire due to the abundance of colorful coral reefs in addition to the wonderful creatures such as fish of various colors and shapes, as well as beautiful sea turtles, we advise you to dive into these wonderful islands especially In the summer because the rainy season makes the water foggy so the vision is difficult at the time.

“Reef World Island” .. the best tourist places in the White Sunday Islands ..

There is a large coral barrier area and it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the islands of White Sunday and you must visit it dear tourist to enjoy watching the beautiful landscapes in addition to the presence of water games and you can ride a submarine to descend under the water and watch the marine life up close through the transparent windows as the island provides Many diving centers and swimming places, when you feel hungry, you should eat in a restaurant.

“Sailing tour” .. Tourist places in the White Sunday Islands ..

Sailing tourSailing tour when visiting the islands of White Sunday, it is necessary to take a sailing tour aboard one of the boats to spend the best times in the water and visit the natural monuments around the islands and watch the sunset amid the waters in a wonderful view that fascinates everyone and is worth taking memorial photos for him, if you are a fan of adventure When the boat stops, you can jump from it and swim in wonderful waters. You can also race with your friends on who jumps better or who can stay the most underwater time.

“Camping in Whitsunday Island” .. the most important tourist attraction in the Whitsunday Islands ..

Dear tourist, one of the best activities that you can do in the islands of White Sunday is camping so that you can stay in the landscape and in this wonderful atmosphere as much as possible, the region provides more than 21 camps, but you have to take a pre-authorization before camping for 8 Australian dollars. For the individual, we advise you, dear tourist, to rent a boat of your own to reach the camping place.

“Great Barrier Reef”, the most beautiful tourist spot in the Whitsunday Islands.

  Great Barrier ReefGreat Barrier Reef, Great Barrier Reef. Traveling to the islands of White Sunday is enjoyable, especially when you visit the coral barrier, which is one of the strangest and most beautiful natural phenomena in the world. It is a great system for the wonderful coral reefs. Many tourists from all over the world go to it by helicopter, by water, or by boat. When visiting a must dive to see the wonderful coral reefs, this region provides the most important and most beautiful diving sites in the world.

“Nagaru People Reserve” … the best tourist places in the White Sunday islands.

It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the islands of White Sunday, it is a natural reserve with many landscapes that are worth seeing, when you visit you will enjoy watching the ancient caves where there are drawings and special engravings on the red color, they are treasures indicating the region’s culture in the past because it belongs to the people of Nagaru who lived On these islands for more than two thousand years ago, this reserve aims to clarify the lifestyle of these peoples. It is necessary to tour the reserve to see the important archaeological sites. Bay n Ra Inlet.

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