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Kuwait is one of the cities of the Gulf, which is located in the northwest of Iraq, and in the east of the Arab Gulf, and the ritual in Kuwait is one of the hot rituals, especially in the summer season, and is characterized by being the most important Arab country in the production of oil, and thus increases the per capita income in it by a large percentage.

Tourist places in Kuwait

the green Island

It is a green artificial island, located near the three Kuwait Towers, which is considered one of the largest in the world, as this island is characterized by the presence of a tourist tower in it, and many castles, trenches and waterfalls, which are designed to receive children, to spend quality time, and many Among the restaurants that form in the form of an ancient Romen amphitheater to attract tourists.


It was opened by Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah, and it was called Salwa Zoo, and this garden is located in the Al-Omriyah area, and it contains many different types of animals.

Kuwait Towers

They are high and large towers, located in the Agouza Faisal area, and the height of the towers up to 187 meters, and it is one of the most tourist places to attract tourists, so these towers are distinguished by their distinctive architectural construction, and the features of contemporary renaissance, through which the entire state of Kuwait can be viewed.

Sword Palace

This palace is located near the Great Mosque, which is the ruling Kuwait Palace, and the first of its dwellings was Sheikh Mubarak Al-Kabeer, and it was welcoming its guests to it, so the palace is distinguished by its beautiful strategic location; Among the ancient Kuwaiti monuments, the palace witnessed many ancient historical events such as the independence of Kuwait, the abolition of the British agreement, the promulgation of the Kuwaiti constitution, and it is still the seat of government, the official residence of the Emir of Kuwait, and the Prime Minister.

The red tower

It is one of the towers in the east of the State of Kuwait, and it is the tallest skyscraper in Kuwait, and has won many awards since its inception.

Museum of Modern Art

It is one of the museums belonging to the National Cultural Council, it was a school for boys in the past, the building was not taken care of, then came an official decision from UNESCO to restore all the old buildings, and make them antique buildings, so the building was restored, and converted into a museum in 2001 so the museum contains many archaeological works Modern Art.

Sahara Resort

It is one of the tourist resorts located on the island of Flica in Kuwait City, and it is characterized by the combination of the Arabic and European style together, so it can be accommodated at simple prices, and eat the most delicious international and traditional food dishes.

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