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The most important tourist cities in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most important tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, due to its distinguished geographical location and picturesque nature, including waterfalls, forests and rivers, as well as the beauty of cities in it, which reflect this through building designs, and among the most important tourist cities in it:

Kuala Lumpur city

Kuala Lumpur is ranked sixth in the world in terms of tourists visiting it, as it receives about 8.9 million tourists annually, it includes a number of tourist destinations, the most important of which are: Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur Tower, National Palace, Bukit Bintang Shopping District, Petaling Street and Merdeka Square And a group of caves, such as Batu Caves, and a group of museums, including the Museum of Islamic Arts, the National Museum, and the Elk Park, as well as huge international hotels, including the Majestic Hotel which is the oldest of these hotels, and many cultural festivals, such as the Parade Festival, are held in the city. Thebosam who It takes place in Sri Mahamariaman Temple.

George Town Penang

It is the second largest city in Malaysia, and it is the capital of Penang State, located on Penang Island, and includes many historical and cultural monuments that attract tourists to it, including: Chung Fat Tizi Palace, Cornwallis Fortress, and a group of temples, including the Kung Hok Cheung Temple; which It was held in the year 1800 AD, and a number of annual festivals, such as the Georgetown Literary Festival, are held in the city, and the Penang Botanical Gardens that opened in 1884 AD.


Borneo is located in the southwestern side of the Pacific Ocean, and is the third largest island in the world. It is located in the southeast of the Malay Peninsula. The city is surrounded by a group of seas, including: the Sea of ​​China from its southern side, the Solo Sea, the Sea of ​​Celebes, Makassar, Karimata, and the Java Sea On the western side of the city lies Malay Island and Sumatra,

The city of Kota Bharu

It is located in the north of the peninsula of Malaysia on the east coast of the Kelanta River near the border of Thailand, and is about a kilometer from the South China Sea. ,

The city of Melka

It is located in western Malaysia, which is a peninsula located on the Strait of Malacca, and is considered the most important commercial port in Southeast Asia. The city is characterized by its calm atmosphere, and includes many cultural museums and churches, including Christ Church and temples, which led to its recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage site And also includes a group of mosques such as the King Mosque, it is an example of the Malaysian Islamic architecture, which seems that the mosque floats with the water level, in addition to beautiful interiors.


Malaysia is located in the southeast of the Asian continent, from the northern side of the equator, sharing its land borders with Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, its capital Kuala Lumpur, which is the main political center of the state, and Malaysia gained independence in 1957 AD, and a population of 29,179,952 breeze.

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