Tourist places for children in Sri Lanka .. Sri Lanka is suitable for family trips because there are many places that attract Arab children and travelers, offering you the best.

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Tourist places for children in Sri Lanka ..

The National Zoo

The National Zoo“National Zoo” .. It is considered one of the oldest parks in Sri Lanka, it was established in 1936 and it is characterized by its large area which is about 30 acres. Elephants and other animals that are loved by children do not miss to take memorial photos with them and you must see the beautiful local birds and also that were brought from different environments and play with them and feed them and there is a garden dedicated to wonderful butterflies, which includes different types of butterfly It spreads on roses and flowers, giving a wonderful beauty. After taking a tour around the garden to get to know it, you can sit back to relax and have hot drinks or sweets and delicious ice cream in the open air. It is worth noting that the garden provides guides to provide information to visitors about living things to get more enjoyment, The park starts operating from eight thirty in the morning until five thirty in the evening all days of the week. Also read: The best cheap markets in Colombo, Sri Lanka

“Marine Turtle Reserve” ..

"Sea Turtle Reserve" ..
“Sea turtle reserve” .. It is located in the city of Bento, Sri Lanka, which is one of the most beautiful tourist places for children in Sri Lanka, because there are large numbers of sea turtles in it with the aim of preserving them and increasing their numbers by way of raising them, which are small until they mature, so they are launched into the sea and the reserve provides visitors with information about their lifestyle and practices Everyday When visiting the reserve you can take memorial photos with these cute creatures and feed them, for sure children will be happy.

“Viharamahadevi Park” ..

Viharamahadevi Park .. “Viharamahadevi Park” .. one of the largest public parks in Colombo, Sri Lanka was called the Victoria Park in the past and is close to the beach and the most beautiful thing is characterized by green spaces and water fountains and roses that spread in it these beautiful scenery will make you feel relaxed and renewed activity and you can walk or play football with children between Trees, running in the corridors designated for that, cycling and children will spend the best times in the places designated for them, which includes swings, rubber toys and other games under the supervision of specialists in addition to the presence of a cricket ground, plane and a zoo with a set of And you are loved for children and we advise you to try riding horses with your children at the best prices and do not miss to take memorial photos of your family especially beside the statues in the garden and during horse riding and also get a drawing for you where there are a number of painters in the garden and if you feel tired you can relax and buy fast food and delicious drinks from one of the Cafeterias and do not forget to buy gifts that express the garden to give it to family and friends, the garden works at all times and entry to it is free. Read also: travel advice to Sri Lanka ..

“Leisure World Parks” ..

"Leisure World Parks" ..Entertainment World Parks is located between Noralia and Bentota and is considered one of the most beautiful recreational places in Sri Lanka because of the existence of a number of beautiful water games such as slides and boats and has swimming pools suitable for children and games such as collision cars, airplanes and express train, and there is a section dedicated to electronic games that he loves Children In addition to having a small zoo with birds, reptiles, monkeys and elephants you can ride on it along with green spaces and beautiful natural landscapes surrounding the place, we recommend you to visit it because it is one of the best tourist places for children in Sri Lanka.

“Elephant Orphanage” ..

"Elephant Orphanage" ..“Orphans of elephants” .. It is found in the city of Kandy in Sri Lanka, it was established in 1975 AD and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places that attract tourists especially children because of the large numbers of orphans small elephants that need care in addition to the presence of large green areas, trees and a lake related to the river, we assure you It is a magical landscape and we advise you to wander around in the open air to get rest and calm, and your children will enjoy playing with the small elephants, feeding them and riding on them to take beautiful pictures. The orphan is also filled with beautiful colored birds and children can approach them to tease and feed them as the orphanage provides you with He died on elephants and her daily life eating and bathing and other activities that she performs and we advise you to try delicious Asian dishes and have a cup of tea while you relax and then buy gifts from nearby stores, it starts to work from eight thirty in the morning until half past five in the evening and the entrance fee is free. Also: tourist places in Colombo

“Royal Botanical Garden” ..

"Royal Botanical Garden" ..The Royal Botanic Garden is located in Kandy, Sri Lanka, with an area of ​​147 acres, and it is distinguished by its proximity to the Mahaweli River and because it contains 4 thousand plants such as fruits, palms, medicinal plants and various trees, such as huge bamboo and fig trees, whose cultivation dates back more than a century and you must visit the garden with your children To see the beautiful landscapes of green spaces and colorful birds and pick coconuts and figs for eating, they have a delicious taste and enjoy the open air. If you love sports, you can walk and run between trees and water fountains in the corridors designated for that to renew your energy and spend the best of Qat and during your tour you will see monkeys and birds move between trees and certainly children will be happy to feed them bananas and grains and there are carts that sell delicious Sri Lankan ice cream and sweets you can try or have lunch in the restaurant that provides a beautiful view of the garden, the garden begins to work from seven thirty in the morning until six in the evening As for the entrance fees, it is free, so dear tourists, we advise you to visit it, it will not cost you much.

“Lake Gregory” ..

Lake Gregory.“Lake Gregory” .. It is one of the most famous and beautiful tourist places for children in Sri Lanka, so tourists go to it from everywhere and it is suitable for children due to the presence of recreational activities that suit them. By visiting the lake, you will spend the best times of relaxation and recreation at the same time. Sit in front of the lake where green spaces surround you and warm you with rays. The sun will renew activity in your souls and there are a group of birds around the lake that children love to watch and feed and take pictures with and there are cabarets that provide games that suit children and if you love sports then you should run by the beach and do not miss the experience of riding a boat in the lake to practice the Swimming and fishing with your children, and there are also horses that you can ride to wander around the lake. If you feel hungry, head to one of the neighboring restaurants to eat fresh Sri Lankan seafood dishes and delicious drinks such as mangoes and bananas. Do not forget to take pictures so that friends and family can see when you return.

“Horton Plains Park”

Horton Plains Park ..“Horton Plains Park” .. found in the city of Nuralia, which is one of the most beautiful parks in Sri Lanka and is distinguished by its height from the ground and its many trees, waterfalls, wonderful natural scenery and surrounded by mountains and the most beautiful thing in it is the presence of different types of birds that children love to approach and touch to take pictures with them and also a group of animals Like deer and elephants, and a number of springs, ponds, and waterfalls that flow into the river pass through the garden, which gives them a wonderful beauty view. If you want to put your legs in the water for more refreshment, be careful so that no one slips and advise you to walk collectively to explore the place and enjoy it. An archaeological site with fossils of extinct creatures and tools from the stone ages. It is a region rich in history and nature. If you love camping, the region has camping equipment that you can rent to overnight in this picturesque nature and eat grilled food.

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