Barcelona ranks as one of the best tourist destinations in Spain and the world at large, with a huge number of monuments that highlight its ancient history alongside its impressive distinguished present. This is evident through its amazing architecture, and the green spaces that cover a large part of it. Due to its uniqueness and diversity, you need a comfortable and efficient transportation system in order to be able to enjoy your vacation without any obstacles or difficulties. Barcelona gives you an efficient and robust public transport system that includes more than one type that includes; buses, subway and taxi.

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Transportation in Barcelona

Subway or Underground

The subway is one of the most important means of transportation in Barcelona. It is clean, accurate and air-conditioned. It transports you to most of the city’s famous tourist destinations and attractions, and it is increasingly popular in the summer by both tourists and local Barcelona residents because of the high temperatures, where it becomes difficult to walk in this weather or ride one of the other means of transport. In addition to all that it is cheap, which saves you a lot of expenses. Subway or Underground

Barcelona Taxis taxis

Taxis are a affordable alternative to public transport, as the fifteen minute journey costs ten euros. Licensed vehicles set the price of the fare according to the meter placed inside it. Paying a tip or tip is allowed, but it is not required, if you want to pay a tip that is worth up to five or ten percent of the original fare value. Official taxis are painted in yellow and black, with light Green illuminates when the car is available. Most taxis have a license to carry four passengers at once, while larger vehicles have a license to transport six passengers at a time. If you want a taxi that carries six people, it is better to book a car from a company than to park one on the road. If you plan to walk around the city center, taxis are not the best option for that. Most downtown areas are for pedestrians, while the streets are small and crowded. In this case, there are two modes of transportation: public transportation which includes buses and trains, and walking or touring.
Barcelona Taxis taxis

Car hire in Barcelona

Car rental is not a big deal in Barcelona, ​​it is not the best means of transportation unless you have special needs or are planning a trip that extends the entire blame away from the city center. City.


Another means of transportation in Barcelona is known for its effectiveness, cleanliness and availability of money. It takes you easily through the city center, unlike some other means of transportation.Buses


The public transport system in Barcelona is not the best way to get around because the center of Barcelona, ​​which contains most of the famous and favorite landmarks and destinations, is not big enough as some think. The subway is classified as the most effective, and you will not wait more than five minutes for the train to arrive at the destination that goes to her. But if you decide to walk and wander, you will be surprised that most of the known areas and landmarks in the city are very close together. Walking and wandering allows you to discover many aspects of the stunning architecture of Barcelona that blends a rich past with a distinct and unique present. All you have to do is buy a map that explains the different city streets to you, then move to your unforgettable adventure, through which you will discover the speed and ease of navigation.

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