Kuwait is very popular, whether from the Arab countries or other parts of the world, not only for tourism but for work due to the fact that it includes a number of the most important industries and businesses in the Arab world. Because of this it guarantees its visitors and visitors an easy and enjoyable stay through its simple transportation system which He takes you between the outskirts of the country without facing any difficulties.

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Here is an explanation on everything you need to know about transportation in Kuwait

The most important transportation information in the country

The means of transportation in Kuwait do not contain any shortage, whether for its local residents or visitors, and its public transportation system is particularly dependent on buses and taxis. There are no rail lines, but there are future plans to establish a network that includes all parts of the country. The country is also working to establish a rapid transport system that will serve the waterfront, with direct transit to Kuwait City. There are also plans regarding passenger ferries, which link the city with Failaka Island, Subia and Boubyan Island. This is beside a bridge linking Shuwaikh to the Sobia area. You can easily roam in Kuwait. All road signs are in Arabic and English, and there is not much space.

Land Transport

Road transport in Kuwait is divided into three different means, all of which provide you with convenience and ease of transportation

Public Bus Service

The local bus system is one of the most prominent types of transportation in Kuwait, given that it is cheap and efficient, but it is more suitable for locals, as it does not go through many tourist destinations, so many tourists do not prefer it. You can get the bus schedule from the main station in the city center. Two companies run that service in the country; the Kuwait Public Transport Company, and the city bus. The service covers most of the densely populated areas in the country, works every ten minutes periodically, and is characterized by being safe and meets the needs of its pioneers. Fils and increases depending on the distance you reach. Bus front seats are usually reserved for women. The Kuwait Public Transport Company monopolizes public bus services as it operates a huge network across most of Kuwait’s roads, providing efficient and comfortable economic service. It operates across thirty roads, covering the capital area with four hundred buses divided between ordinary and air-conditioned. It also provides seasonal tickets for travelers who use the service from major stations. It also runs international public bus services from several cities and countries such as; Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Cairo, and special tours of Makkah Al-Mukarramah. It also developed a transportation network across Kuwait. It provides modern buses equipped with air conditioning, with a number of amenities that ensure its travelers the pleasure during travel.Public Bus Service

Private Bus Service

Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport Company is one of the famous big private companies that manage the private bus service across the country. Specialized in transporting individuals, liquid materials, goods, petroleum products, raw materials, and other products and equipment. Modern buses are also provided with various amenities and entertainment. The fleet includes refrigerated trucks, trucks and trailers that are operated by a team of professional drivers.

Taxis taxis

The majority of expatriates and tourists in Kuwait depend on taxis to get around on a daily basis, instead of renting a car or something. Due to the fact that they meet their needs significantly, and their prices are reasonable. Once you get to know a taxi driver, you can take his number to order again when needed. The price depends mainly on time and distance, and they are given the first hundred and fifty kilometers for free. Cars do not include counters, so the price of the trip is agreed upon before the ride. There are many taxi companies that follow certain rules for determining fare, while there are a number of free taxis, which do not follow any rules what makes it the first of the best. There are more than one type of private company vehicle; Cal Taxi, Antes, Aung Cap. Cal Taxi vehicles are all connected to a wireless device throughout twenty-four hours, and can be booked by contacting the company office.
Their fare depends on the length of the distance, and thus increases significantly when going outside the borders of the region, as it increases the price at night. For Orange Cap vehicles, it transports more than one passenger heading to a specific area at the same time, as it transports passengers in front of hotels and airports. The price of the fare is negotiated with the drivers. Small trucks or what is known as Wentz; they carry red number plates, and they transport goods and passengers who carry or move from place to place with their goods.
Taxis taxis

Hiring a Car Car Hire

Another means of transportation in Kuwait is a lot of car rental companies in the country, which seize the opportunity of very cheap jazz prices. All cars are equipped with powerful air conditioner.Hiring a Car Car Hire

Sea Transport

The Kuwait Public Transport Company does not only provide bus services, but provides ferry services on a daily basis. Ferries ferry one of the most enjoyable means of transportation in Kuwait from the city to Flica Island. The Kuwait Irani Shipping Company provides ferries to and from Iran. It also provides a few flights from Shuwaikh port in Kuwait to Bushehr port in Iran. There is also a ferry network linking Kuwait and other Gulf countries. These marine means are transported between the most important ports of Kuwait, Shuwaikh and Al-Madinah, Bahrain, and other countries.Sea Transport

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