Mauritius is a group of small islands located in the Indian Ocean, and it is an ideal destination for honeymooning or relaxing a little bit from the pressures of daily life. Moving to some may be a big obstacle especially when planning to travel to Mauritius because of its seemingly complex geography for some, but fortunately the country provides There is a large number of transportation to suit everyone’s needs. There is more than one type of transportation within Mauritius including; buses, water taxis, trains, taxis, and boats as well as the ability to rent cars, motorcycles, electricians, and helicopters.

Transportation in Mauritius


Buses are one of the most important means of transportation in Mauritius Because it is an inexpensive and efficient means of transportation that takes you to any place on the island, this service is managed by three government-controlled companies; Mauritius for bus transport, united bus services and national transportation. Each of them focuses on a different area of ​​the island, which facilitates the movement in Mauritius. Most buses do not have air conditioning, but there are some newly added vehicles that you can find with air conditioners that move through specific roads. You can buy tickets on the bus from the bus, and make sure you have a lot of Coins in order to be able to pay. You can ask the driver or the conductor what destination you want to go to, and he will tell you the necessary information about any bus that you must board.Buses


Trains are the best means of transportation in Mauritius, as they provide you with comfort and allow you to see stunning views of the nature of this enchanting country. Ideal option for long-distance transportation especially if you want to head to the countryside, and train lines also link between small and large cities, which makes them the perfect choice Within the transportation means in Mauritius.Trains

Water Taxis

Water taxis are a limited choice for commuting in Mauritius, as they only take you from the Coden waterfront of Port Louis to hotels in Balaclava. While you are traveling on board these vehicles, you can enjoy a breathtaking, scenic view that mixes water and charming green forests in a breathtaking view so Don’t forget to bring your own camera to take some great photos, to commemorate that moment.

Taxis taxis

Another great way for transportation in Mauritius, but it costs you a lot of money, taxis are abundant everywhere across the country and a lot is preferred for long-distance transportation being safe and comfortable. There are many local and international taxi companies that are the best option, away from other vehicles The most popular of these companies are Mauritius Taxi (2304934065+), which provides you with the ability to move from one destination to another besides the service of long trips and different tours.Taxis taxis


One of the most wonderful means of transportation in Mauritius, where it is an enjoyable way to travel in and around the various islands of Ladd. Private companies also provide day and more boat tours.Boat

Car rental

There are many car rental companies in Mauritius, both local and international, which you find mainly at airports and near popular tourist destinations. You will not find all the country’s roads suitable for driving so you must be careful, but it is still a preferred means for many to explore the charming Mauritius Islands in their own way. From renting a car in this case, you must not be less than twenty-three years old, besides having a valid driver’s license for more than a year.Car rental

Bicycles / Motorbikes Rentals

Touring the Mauritius islands, whether by motorbike and hobby, is another fun way for adventure lovers, but it is nevertheless a safe way due to the country roads that are not eligible for that. You find many places for renting bicycles and motorcycles in different cities and villages, make sure you get insurance for your sunbathers, either of them. .Bicycles / Motorbikes Rentals


Helicopters are a great way to explore many tourist attractions of Mauritius, and some also use them as a means of transportation. There are many agencies that provide this service, and you find them often next to the tourist attractions. If you are traveling on a large budget, this is one of the transportation methods that you must try to travel to this country.Helicopter

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