Spain has unparalleled beauty, as it is one of the most beautiful tourist countries in the world, and radiates with enchanting geographical diversity, which makes its visit require several trips to the Imam in all its picturesque aspects.

Spain provides a tourist pleasure for all individuals and families as it includes the most wonderful historical monuments of different civilizations, as well as the most wonderful beaches and resorts in addition to entertainment destinations and high-end shopping destinations.

Today we offer you a set of travel advice to Spain that reveals a set of information and facts necessary before your tourist trip in this beautiful country ..

The dinner date

Unlike the rest of Europe, dinner begins late in Spain, where dinner is at ten in the evening, so you must know the dates of the restaurant you want to go to, especially if it is open for dinner only.

Use public transportation

Expenses in Spain can be saved by relying on public transportation such as buses and trains, as they are clean, well organized, and well priced, as well as spreading in extensive networks throughout the country.

Spaniards speak multiple languages

You have to know the region you are heading to, as the Spanish speak different languages, according to each region. There is Catalan, Portuguese, Galician and others.

Be careful not to steal

Avoid being stolen and swindled in Barcelona, ​​as it is famous for incidents of fraud on tourists as well as cases of bagging, as it is necessary to avoid trusting strangers and hide valuable items in a backpack, preferably leaving them in the hotel.

Learn the weather

The weather varies greatly between the different regions of Spain, so you should study the weather of the region you wish to visit well and prepare suitable clothes in your bag, as some areas may be very hot in the summer and require wearing light clothes.

Do not neglect to visit the countryside

Many forget the visit of the Spanish countryside in the midst of preoccuAl Bahahn with the charm of big cities, but the Spanish countryside is a wonderful and unforgettable experience as it is full of landscapes that you must visit during your trip.

Find out about napping

The Spaniards are keen to have a nap time between 2pm and 5pm as everyone enters their homes, even children, and many shops and restaurants close their doors at that time so you have to coordinate the times of your tours and buy your needs.

No need for tipping

Tipping is not mandatory in Spain, as you do not have to pay tipping in restaurants and hotels except as you wish.

Book feature tickets early

It is best to book sightseeing tickets early on the Internet to avoid long lines and the huge crowds around important landmarks that consume a large part of your day.

Plan your trip well

Spain is characterized by a wide range and diversity of regions, you should plan your trip well to include several areas that reveal to you the nature and charm of Spain, so you are not satisfied with visiting shopping streets or beach resorts.

Find out the dates of festivals

Spain is famous for its many festivals, as it is described that there is a festival every day in the country, so you must plan the date of your trip in line with the date of one of these festivals, so that you can enjoy an exciting and unique experience.

Do not miss the experience of Spanish food

Spanish food is one of the amazing experiences in life. It carries the effects of several civilizations and enjoys a good international reputation. Do not stop with Arabic and Western food and forget the Spanish food experience.

No need to buy water

Tap water is pure and safe in major cities like Madrid and Barcelona. You don’t have to spend your budget buying bottled water.

The Alhambra ticket

Some important tourist attractions, such as the Alhambra Palace, have high ticket prices and may not be available at some times of the year, so it is preferable to reserve a ticket for this unique tourist attraction on the Internet well in advance of travel.

Avoid the black ticket market

Spain is famous for a black market to sell tickets to the most important sporting events such as football matches as well as tickets for important landmarks, but many cases of monument to tourists occur by selling forged tickets where early reservation on the Internet is always preferred.

    A pleasant tourist atmosphere in Spain
A pleasant tourist atmosphere in Spain

    Unique atmosphere in Spain

Unique atmosphere in Spain

The splendor of history in Spain
The splendor of history in Spain

Unique beach nature in Spain
Unique beach nature in Spain

    Fun vacation in Spain
Fun vacation in Spain

Fun to travel to Spain
Fun to travel to Spain

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