Bulgaria is one of the European countries overlooking the Black Sea and its capital, Sofia, and contains many distinct natural areas such as the Danube Plain, the Balkan Mountains and Rhodope, and the Danube separates them from Romenia. It was part of ancient Romen civilization until the advent of the Bulgarian Empire, and is characterized by a wonderful mix of Balkan culture and vibrant beaches, along with many historical sites, ski resorts and dense oak forests.

The country is famous for its medical tourism, as it is rich in many springs of therapeutic mineral water, as it is a medical tourist destination for many centuries.

Bulgaria includes many sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List such as Boyana Church, Madara Ryder, rock-carved churches of Ivanovo, Magura Cave and Dinica unique in the Balkan Mountains and contains many separate halls and pools of water, in addition to the amazing limestone and ice formations.

The capital, Sofia, is one of the largest Bulgarian cities and the oldest European cities that feature an amazing mixture of Greek, Romen, Byzantine and Turkish architecture, and it contains many museums such as the National Museum of Archeology rich in precious Bulgarian treasures, in addition to churches, monuments and opera houses.

Moreover, Bulgaria has the most beautiful coastal cities such as “Nessebar” which is called the Pearl of the Black Sea and includes more than 40 churches dating back most of the fifth century, along with many ancient temples, and includes a group of wonderful resorts and amazing beaches. In addition to Varna, which is considered one of the most vibrant cities all year round, it contains many beautiful golden resorts and beaches, along with ancient churches and distinguished museums.

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