First: preparations

1- Book hotels with free cancellation months before traveling, which increases your chance of getting excellent hotels at affordable prices
And when you reserve a room, make sure of the room area in square meters.
2- Reserving flights at times of offers and discounts.

3- I recommend renting (Pocket WiFi)
– It is better to rent before traveling and put the hotel address better than the airport, because receiving it at the airport has taxes
– After you put the hotel address and the date of use and delivery, you pay via the Internet with a card (Visa or MasterCard)
When you arrive in Japan, you receive Wi-Fi from the hotel
There is a new envelope in the pocket with Wi-Fi + charger + small bag
– Behind the router has a username and password
– After completion of use and on the date of delivery, you place the items inside the delivery envelope and place them in any mailbox or post office in Japan, and of course they are in the airport.

4- JR Pass request only
Note: The ticket must be requested before traveling and will be sent to your country
Then the envelope you received will be replaced with the passport of the trains there at the airport.
Many ask, do I need it? Will he save me?
The answer is according to your flight schedule
A- I’ll take for a week if my itinerary includes (Tokyo and Osaka Round Trip, Osaka and Kyoto Round Trip, Fire Round Trip, Cuban Round Trip) all within a week
The price is $ 252
* Necessary for outbound transfers that take a ticket for a seat reservation (free of charge only. Show JR Pass for the station’s seat reservations office)
Because some trains do not include the JR Pass and if you enter the wrong train, you pay for it
So make sure the train employee of the correct train always and ask them after you tell them about your destination (Plattform Number or Track Number)
They will understand your intention and say you will stop at any sidewalk.
Match the date of your train and its name with the printed ticket in case it was booking a seat and wait at your car number.
* Especially from Osaka to Tokyo or vice versa, a ticket must be taken for a seat reservation.
* Without the JR Pass, the trains that can be used the most, and flight times are close
With JR Pass, the periods are farther, especially for the remote and the few tourist areas. The waiting time at the station may be about an hour.
5- The necessity of purchasing an electrical adapter before traveling to convert energy to 100 volts, and because the head used for electrical devices there is different, it is in the form of two vertical lines.
6- Japanese currency exchange before traveling, and for me personally, I see using cash in Japan more than using the card because the Japanese yen is quick to change the value, perhaps during your travel the value of the yen increases in addition to the value of the currency conversion to the bank
Therefore, I think it is better to use the card only to pay for hotel reservations or only when needed, especially since some popular markets deal only with cash, and Japan is safe, so you will not fear thefts.
7- I recommend taking a backpack that will benefit you during transportation.

8- I recommend taking Power Bank with you, it will help you to charge your phones and Wi-Fi Pocket when needed.

Aesthetically, Haneda is the most beautiful in designing the restaurant segment in the form of traditional Japanese homes
In terms of distance, Haneda Airport is closer to Narita than to central Tokyo
– On the market side, for me, at Narita Airport, the bigger, bigger and better
In terms of flight times, they differ from each other
For example, Qatar Airways will fly from Narita at approximately 10:30 p.m.
As for Haneda at 12 o’clock at midnight
In the end, the choice is according to your priority, and the two are considered one of the best rated airports in the world
10- The necessity of downloading important applications for travel such as the direction of Qibla, the guide to halal restaurants in Japan, the application of the metro, the translation of Google and others.
11- There are tickets open for one or more whole days, depending on the city, for the metro and buses
You save a lot if you rely heavily on it
In Tokyo there is a pass for the metro for one, two or three days
– In other cities, you can find it in ticket vending machines under the name Card or Pass
Sometimes the price of the weekdays is different from the holidays
Theme parks Universal Studios Japan
Nearest station: Universal City Station
Lunch at a restaurant in Universal Studio
(They should be asked about the ingredients on the card because many of them are not valid for Muslims)
(Fridays or Bubba cane, for example, but make sure there is no alcohol)

– Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
The nearest station: Osakako
– Lunch at Bab-ul Hayat Turkish Halal Buffet (currently closed for renewal)
– A complex next to the Tempozan Market Place Aquarium
– Osaka Bay Cruise Santa Maria ship cruise
– Dinner at a halal Indian restaurant close to Osakako station
Coordinates: 34.654309, 135.432715

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