Fill (fill in) the visa application form for the Republic of Belarus and its appendix, with a photocopy of the form. The form is automatically filled out (computer or typewriter) in the language of the country in which the embassy is located, or in any of the Russian, Belarusian, or English languages.

It is necessary to pre-fill the form from the embassy website on the internet before submitting the application to obtain the visa to the embassy, ​​provided that the answer to all the questions in the form is logical, arranged and consistent with the real purpose of travel and signed by the visa applicant in person.
The original passport is valid and contains blank pages for visa status, provided that the passport is valid for at least ninety days after the expiration date of the visa (provided that the passport does not expire 90 days before the expiration date of the visa).
A certificate from the employer, stating the position and salary.
A bank balance certificate of less than $ 1,000 per month (the consul can request a larger amount).
Paid travel tickets (with a specific date for the arrival and departure of Belarus and it is necessary to have an airline stamp and the signature of a company employee to confirm payment and reservation or a sealed bill).
If possible the certificate of the marriage contract.
And other documents according to the request of the responsible consulate officer, as appropriate.
Personal interview with the consul.
Paying the Consular Fees Due The consular fees are paid in cash in euros.
The duration of the visa application examination is five working days. As for the urgent visa application, it is considered within 48 hours, with a double consular fee.
The consular employee has the right to shorten the visa duration and number of entry times.
The decision to grant or prevent the issuance of the visa is final without the slightest obligation of the consular officer concerned to give reasons.
If the visa is refused, the consular fees collected for issuance will not be refunded.
It is imperative to make sure of the information contained in the granted visa as soon as it is received within the passport.
During a specified period of no more than a year and with a validity of only two days, a transit visa (platoon B) is granted for the purpose of transiting through Belarusian territory.
As a prerequisite for obtaining a Belarusian transit visa, a foreigner is required in advance.
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Tourism in Belarus

Charming Belarus with its beauty is said to have acquired its name as “Belarus” from the snow covered in it, giving it a charming white color. Several European countries surround Belarus, including Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Latvia, and others. It also has a long history, high walls and castles.

Here are the most important places to visit in Belarus


One of the distinct cities in Belarus, which is characterized by its tourism activities. It contains tall fences and castles, as well as a huge waterway throughout Europe.


The country’s capital, which includes in its possession a myriad of tourist attractions and distinct activities such as cinemas, theaters, circuses, hotels, cafes, restaurants and distinctive tourist spots in a special historical way, given the city’s ancient history. It is one of the largest European cities ever.


It is one of the most prominent European cities in terms of culture, as it contains many theaters and cultural centers, and cultural activities are always held. Characterized by its picturesque and charming nature, its name is associated with a large number of famous Belarusian personalities, including leaders, intellectuals and artists.


An aristocratic city in terms of structure and family dynasties there. It is famous for being a city of romance in terms of water features, greenery, vast gardens and beautiful weather.


A wonderful city famous for its historical castles, especially Brest Castle, and it is also famous for its beautiful lakes, and it is close to the Ukrainian border. Therefore, it acquires a nature and a cultural dimension close to it.


An important city in Belarus, and contains many natural resources and amazing human diversity, as it contains very important tourist spots and distinctive natural and cultural monuments.

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