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It is one of the European Union countries, which is located within the Schengen area, and is considered one of the regions of eastern Europe, and one of the Baltic Sea countries, and it is bordered on the northern side by Estonia and the Baltic Sea, and on the eastern side by Russia, and on the southern side by Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, and Latvia is a small country, It has a picturesque green nature, and is covered by large areas of forests, in addition to the presence of many rivers and lakes, and sandy beaches along the sea coast. Latvia is ranked second in terms of arrangement and cleanliness after Switzerland.

The most important tourist areas in Latvia

  • Jurmala: It is one of the largest and most magnificent cities on the Baltic coast, with a length of thirty-three square kilometers, and covered with white sand, surrounded by coniferous forests, as well as being a museum for the engineering of houses made of wood, which dates back to the eighteenth century.
  • Freedom Monument, a memorial located in the capital.
  • St. Peter’s Church.
  • Forest Park.
  • The Nativity Cathedral.

Traveling to Latvia

Many amendments were made to the Latvian immigration law, which gives permits and visas to foreigners to obtain permanent residence, after obtaining a residence permit of up to five years, and these amendments were made in order to attract the largest number of investors from all over the world.

Where the President of the Republic, Valdis Zatlers, agreed to these amendments, which lie in real estate investment through the purchase of real estate by foreigners for whatever value they want, if a person buys the property, he is entitled to residency for a period of five years, to be renewed every year, until the person gets permanent residence. The process of buying the property is done either personally in the presence of the same person in order to end the registration process in the real estate month, or through the authorization of another person to buy it, and end all procedures with the presence of a power of attorney written in the English language, and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so that the person transfers the money through S bank transfer, and then puts the bank until the property registration process on behalf of the person.

Residence permit

It is an entry visa to the European Union, and it is considered an official document that grants the citizen the right to permanent or temporary residence, as the temporary permit is for five years, as mentioned previously.

Work in Latvia

The economy in Latvia is considered one of the strongest European economies, and living in it is easy and cheap. Therefore, it is one of the countries that encourages various investment projects, where the profit rate is high, and the rate of taxes imposed by the government is low, so that it does not exceed 15%, This is what distinguishes Latvia from other European countries.

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