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Tourist places in Malta

Malta is a European country located in the Mediterranean, and Malta is considered a country of multiple treasures, ancient buildings, charming beaches, and distinctive cities, which throughout history have attracted large numbers of adventure enthusiasts and a love of exploration and risk-taking, in addition to lovers of enjoying and relaxing on the prosperous popular beaches.

Mellieha Bay

The Bay of Mellha is one of the most popular areas in Malta, due to the nature of the soft sandy beaches it contains, in addition to a large spread of popular cafes along its shores, which offer simple foods and drinks, which makes it easy to find places to rest and relax, as it can also Visitors to the Gulf can enjoy a walking tour to reach the top of the steep hill next to it in less than a quarter of an hour, through which they can enjoy the views of the hills running along the bay.

The Temple of Hypogeum

The Temple of Hypogeum is located in the Paula region, and what distinguishes it from the rest of the temples in Malta and the world is that it is the only one built under the ground that dates back to the prehistoric period, as it consists of many paths, rooms, and halls dug inside the solid rocks, which turned into tombs later And there is the deepest area in it in the basement, which is located at a depth of 35 feet below the ground, and it is worth noting that visiting this temple is not easy, as the temple receives only a small number of visitors daily, and the person who wants to visit it may have to wait for several weeks until its turn .

Golden Bay

One of the rare sandy beaches is located in the northern western region of Malta, which is very popular with the local people, to provide many distinctive tourism services on its beaches including beds to lie back and relax in the warm sunlight, and family umbrellas that provide families with the ability to enjoy a day A special family on these sandy beaches, in addition to the possibility of renting many different water sports entertainment, and enjoying the beach clubs spread there to entertain Gulf visitors.

St. John’s Cathedral

St. John’s Cathedral is located in the capital, Valletta, and the construction of this cathedral was to the year 1572 AD, providing a distinctive form of architecture that dates back to the Baroque architecture, and which is characterized by its external construction similar to the castles, and its internal construction decorated with valuable artistic works, as well as the fame of the cathedral but it witnessed One of the most famous crimes of history is the execution of Saint John the Baptist in which it took place.

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