Turkish Airlines is the official air carrier in Turkey for individuals and cargo aboard a fleet of 335 aircraft from the latest international versions, which is directed to 290 global destinations.
Turkish Airlines had started its first flights in May 1933 to now become one of the leading airlines in the world participating in the Star Alliance of International Airlines, as well as the largest global entities in the field of air transport in a huge series of projects to develop aircraft and manufacture their facilities and entertainment tools in them.
The headquarters of the company is located in Istanbul, and it takes from the International Ataturk Airport Istanbul a major center for its operations.
To find out more about the benefits Turkish Airlines offers its customers and the most common questions about its dealings, you can follow the article.

Turkish Airlines

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Turkish Airlines features

Turkish Airlines offers a series of privileges that outperform other airlines and make them more attractive to permanent or potential customers, such as:
Comfortable seats, partial or total, with removable headrests and means of relaxation.
Various entertainment content suitable for all ages with modern personal presentation.
• Meals of local and international delicacies, seasonal and varied, taking into account the owners of special diets.
• Easy to book and confirm and get all the needs and requirements easily and conveniently through the website of the company.
Modern fleet of aircraft and trained crew with high level hospitality services.

Onboard services

Turkish Airlines offers its passengers a set of services acclaimed for excellence in order to gain the comfort and satisfaction of the customer and make the time of his flight aboard its planes more enjoyable and luxurious, such as:

the food

Turkish Airlines offers a varied selection of meals, main local and international dishes, and delicious appetizers, always prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients by professional chefs.
Food services are provided on Turkish Airlines aircraft according to the length of the flight and departure time and the degree of travel and it varies between sandwiches, snacks, bakery and pastries, Economy class appetizers, barbecues and dishes served for business class.
With a hot or cold breakfast to order, welcome hot or cold drinks, elegant ceramic tableware, and a la carte menus that respect the religious and healthy diet of passengers.


Turkish Airlines offers its passengers on various classes and short and long travel destinations a diverse and enjoyable series of entertainment contents suitable for all ages, such as the latest movies and international programs for adults, films, programs and games for young children, an integrated music platform that includes about 75 thousand songs, music, live shows and clips. Behind the scenes, with the monthly electronic numbers of SkyLife.


Individual leather seats with sleep and head restraints, personal monitors and modern headphones for entertainment, wireless internet (Wi-Fi).

Travel classes on Turkish Airlines flights

Turkish Airlines offers its passengers two classes to travel on its flights, each with its own advantages:

business class

The business cabin provides its travelers with:
✓ Fully foldable comfortable seats like beds with self-massage feature, reading lamp, elbows arm, power supply, screen level control holder, with special sleeping facilities such as pillows, blankets, eye masks, ear plugs, flying stockings and lip balm.
محلية Delicious local and international meals prepared and served by professional chefs in an elegant style and using elegant ceramic tableware, includes breakfasts, snacks and main dishes of grill with appetizers, Turkish sweets and welcome drinks of all kinds, with menus for special diets.
✓ Personal screens and modern headphones to follow the various entertainment and educational contents, including documentaries, about the destination country.
✓ Allow higher luggage weights for Economy Class while enjoying more benefits when subscribing to the Miles and Smiles program for frequent travelers on Turkish Airlines.
✓ Fast check-in and check-in at Turkish Airlines offices at different airports compared to other passengers.
فسي A spacious and comfortable luxurious waiting lounge in Istanbul International Airport that includes areas for relaxation and recreation, private suites for rest and bathing, a museum, a space for doing business, a children’s play area and a console game, with a taste of the most delicious Turkish and international cuisine.
✓ For those traveling from Turkey to various world destinations on a business class, Turkish Airlines will provide them with a hotel reservation in one of the partner hotels.

economy class

This degree is provided to its passengers:
✓ Ergonomic seats with added footrest, adjustable headrest, front and back movability, plus power socket and USB connection.
✓ Comfort and sleep tools like eye mask, flying socks, earplugs, lip balm, brush and toothpaste.
باردة Hot and cold breakfasts and main lunch dishes are drawn from Turkish and international cuisine and are prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients, in addition to snacks, cakes, sandwiches and special menus for dieters.
✓ Entertainment content for children such as electronic games, movies, songs and music, children’s channels, games, and others.
✓ For adults, Turkish Airlines presents the electronic entertainment magazine, Sky Live, with its monthly issues.
✓ For travelers from Turkey to different world destinations in economy class, Turkish Airlines will provide them with a hotel reservation in one of the partner hotels.

Travel destinations on Turkish Airlines flights

Turkish Airlines provides flights to 290 countries around the world, the most important of which are in the Middle East:
Turkish Airlines flights to / from Istanbul
Turkish Airlines flights to / from Cairo
Turkish Airlines flights to / from Dubai
Turkish Airlines flights to / from Riyadh
Turkish Airlines flights to / from Amman Jordan
Turkish Airlines flights to / from Beirut

Book tickets on Turkish Airlines

You can book your ticket on Turkish Airlines flights through the official website of the company or its mobile application and pay with your credit card or others.
You can also monitor the flight status and details, choose your seat, and purchase additional space for the feet in the same way.
Alternatively, you can book and pay through one of the Turkish Airlines dealer offices located around the world.

Turkish Airlines and baggage policy

Turkish Airlines allows passengers on its domestic and international flights to carry free luggage of 30 kg for Business Class, 20 kg for Economy Class, 15 kg for holders of upgrade cards during domestic flights, 10 kg for infants.
The weight of the free luggage on Turkish Airlines flights does not exceed 32 kg in any case for business class passengers heading to the countries that operate the piece system, 23 kg for Economy Class passengers with a total dimensions of 158, a piece of luggage with a rollaway bed or a children’s push cart with a total dimensions of 115 cm .
This is in addition to the two pieces of baggage weighing 8 kg on the cabin for passengers in business class, and one piece of the same weight for children, infants, and Economy Class passengers with a total dimensions of 118 cm.
And for excess baggage, the company gets a fee of 10 Turkish liras during domestic flights for every 30 kg in business class, 20 kg in economy class, 10 kg for infant luggage, while excess baggage fees during international trips launched by the company vary according to the departure and arrival destinations and are estimated in euros European.
For more information about Turkish Airlines baggage policy, please visit the link from here

Travel procedures on Turkish Airlines

Just as the Turkish Airlines website makes it easier for its customers to book and pay for travel tickets on its flights, it also facilitates the process of obtaining an electronic visa to enter Turkish territory.
This is in addition to providing some distinguished services during or after the trip such as travel insurance, hotel reservation, car rental, tour organization (stopover service), baggage transport between the airport or Taksim Square or shopping centers to the place of residence (mini-port for the shipment of goods).
To complete the procedures for traveling with Turkish Airlines comfortably, please be present at the airport well in advance of the flight date, as the check-in offices close 45 minutes before the domestic flight, and international flights 60 minutes.

Summary of customer reviews

Turkish Airlines received a rating of 4/5 via Tripadvisor to book and evaluate flights, through 24 thousand 226 comments of people who have previously traveled on Turkish Airlines.

common questions

What is the loyalty program developed by Turkish Airlines for its frequent travelers?

Turkish Airlines provides its frequent Miles and Smiles travelers with free miles earning every flight they take on their planes.
These points are used on free trips on company lines or partner airlines, hotel reservation, car rental, discounts and vouchers when shopping, promotion and thus increase the number of miles earned, and it is also possible to create a family account that benefits family members from its benefits.

When can I confirm my reservation on a Turkish Airlines flight?

Confirmation of your seat reservation starts on the flight 24 hours in advance and ends 90 minutes before, via the company’s website.

Do I need to bring my e-ticket form with me to the airport?

No, you can complete all travel procedures at the airport check-in desk using the flight number, reservation code, and personal ID.

Can I book a few people to travel on Turkish Airlines flights?

Yes, up to a maximum of 9 people have the same reservation code.

Can I change my seat after booking it online?

Yes, you can change your seat number and location after booking it on the Turkish Airlines website as long as the boarding pass is not printed yet.

Can I cancel a reservation for a flight I made on the Turkish Airlines website?

Yes, you can do so by contacting customer service, following instructions, and discussing necessary details.

What care do patients traveling with Turkish Airlines get?

Turkish Airlines pays special care to passengers, patients, the elderly and people with special needs on its flights such as breathing oxygen cylinders, allowing accompanying or a guide dog for people with visual impairments, a wheelchair for people with motor disabilities and movement difficulties.
In addition to the ability to travel on a stretcher and provide first aid when absolutely necessary in exchange for reserving 7 places in the tourist cabin, complete tax fees.
The company requires reporting the medical needs of the sick and disabled traveling on its flights 24 hours before travel, and registering pets 48 hours before travel.
The company also offers discounts of up to 20% on domestic flight tickets and 25% on international tickets for those with a disability rate of 40% or more, except for those with promotional offers, with free movement aids.

What conditions do Turkish Airlines set for travel for unaccompanied children on its flights?

Turkish Airlines allows children from the age of two to 7 years to travel unaccompanied by parents, provided that an air escort is selected by the flight crew.
After the age of 7 years to 12 years, children can travel on their own without accompanying the condition of signing the travel form for unaccompanied children of the company.

Will my child get a discount rate when traveling with Turkish Airlines?

Yes, the child gets a discount of up to 10% on domestic trips, 15% on children from two years to 12 years old, and more discounts on international trips.

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