Bahrain Islands

Bahrain is located on the waters of the Arabian Gulf and is distinguished by the group of islands that comprise it, which is the island of Muharraq in which three bridges were established to link it with Manama, and another bridge that connects it with Amwaj Island, which is located to the northeast of Muharraq, and Sitra Island, which is one of the large islands, and Hawar Island, and the Good Prophet that It is located between Sitra Island and Manama.

There are also the island of Ya`ssouf, and the island of Reef lying on the northern coast of Manama as well as Durrat Al Bahrain and the Gulf of Bahrain, but we will shed light on a large island of the largest of the Bahrain islands, which is the island of Umm al-Na`san.

Umm Al-Na’san Island

It is an island located in the west of Bahrain Island and east of the Saudi Arabian city of Khobar in the Arabian Gulf, and it is the fourth largest Bahraini island with an area, with an area of ​​thirty-five km 2 after Bahrain Island, Hawara and Muharraq, and is considered one of the uninhabited islands, where its ownership now belongs to the King of Bahrain Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

It is said that this island is one of the ancient inhabited islands, whose inhabitants used to make plaster and light, and the effects of the caves and mountainous hills indicated that a person inhabited them thousands of years ago.

There are many ancient cemetery designed on the island, found on the island. These ancient tombs are tombs carved in the rock and intertwined with each other.

Among the accounts that indicated that a person inhabited the island of Umm al-Na`sān, he mentioned the history books because of the name of the island with this name, where the historian Lorimer mentioned in his book that a man called him first inhabited Bahrain and had a brother named Na`sān, and this island was named after him since our time Present.

The island is connected with the main island of Bahrain through the King Fahd Bridge, which is the bridge that connects Bahrain with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This bridge extends by an area of ​​three kilometers to the city of Umm Al-Na`san, which is the section designated on the island’s western coast and has a customs center, and a point of collection of fees for using the bridge. The island has two royal palaces, the ownership of which belongs to the King of Bahrain. This island is not accessible to anyone from Bahrain because it is a royal island.

It is noteworthy that Umm al-Na`san is a military zone designated for the military purposes of the Bahraini army, and therefore anyone who thinks about operating trips to Umm al-Na`san is subjecting himself to legal accountability and penalties according to the statement issued by the Bahraini Ministry of Interior, and therefore it is prohibited to approach it or engage in any activity near it. A dream for every Bahraini citizen to visit this island.

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