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It is an independent country located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa, consisting of three islands, knowing that it claims the fourth island of Comoros, which is the island of Mayotte governed by France. And its islands combine African, Arabic, Malagasy, and French, and this is why it is so important in the Indian Ocean trade between East Africa and Asian ports, such as: India and Japan.
There is a belief that the discovery of the Comoros was by Arab and Persian merchants in ancient times, such as: Madagascar, and inhabited by a few Indonesian Malay peoples, and after the Bantu-speaking peoples settled on the African mainland, a large population inhabited them, and the Persians later arrived and set up The Sunni Islamic religion in them, the Persians established commercial relations with other countries along the Indian Ocean, and developed a prosperous economy, and the opening of the Suez Canal significantly reduced the significance of the islands, but did not reduce their strategic value, and Comoros was subject to French colonial rule, and it became a province French Overseas in 1947 AD, but gained independence in 1975.


The names of the four Comoros:

  • Grande Comore: It is the largest island in the Comoros, and it is a rugged plateau, which is based on volcanoes from the volcanoes of the earth, and the highest point on the island is the crater of the active volcano of Kartala Mountain, which is a large volcano, slightly sloping, and has a flat dome formed from the flow of lava.
  • Anjouan Island: The second largest island of the Comoros, a lava plateau similar to the three volcanic mountain ranges.
  • Moheli Island: It contains a small central mountain range, and some forests that are characterized by heavy rains, to which ancient lava flowed, and eroded over time, forming a series of valleys punctuated by small rivers.
  • Mayotte: It is the oldest of the islands, and it has been greatly eroded over time, and has a series of small freshwater streams.

the climate

The rainy season in Comoros extends from November to the end of April, and it has tropical conditions that produce hot days continuously, a rise in temperatures in many cases, in addition to a rise in humidity, and Comoros is sometimes subjected to hurricanes, and temperatures are And humidity is moderate from May to October.

Comoros flag

The flag consists of four horizontal colors, and starts from the top in yellow, white, red, and blue, and an equilateral triangle in green at the flagpole, and a white crescent in the center of the triangle, with four white five-pointed stars arranged vertically from the beginning of the crescent to the end.

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