The types of tourism in Egypt are many, so the purposes of traveling to Egypt vary for tourists, as well as for the season, for the events held, and for many reasons that relate to the travel of a tourist from anywhere in the world to Egypt. This is what is classified for the types of tourism in Egypt, which we will get to know through the following in the article of Arab travelers.

The most important types of tourism in Egypt

  • It can be confirmed that the types of tourism in Egypt are multiple, and all of them relate to either something related to the tourist himself, or to attend one of the events or occasions. Among the most important types of tourism in Egypt:

Recreational tourism

It is the most prominent type of tourism, which is referred to as the transportation of tourists to Egypt for the purpose of carrying out some recreational activities, such as diving, swimming, surfing, or camping, and hunting.
Recreational tourism is often performed at all times of the year. In the summer, tourists are welcome to visit tourist places that overlook Bahrain, such as beaches, resorts, and camps in Alexandria, Matrouh, Port Said, Hurghada, or Sharm El Sheikh.
In winter, tourists prefer to visit Luxor and Aswan, and some may like to visit some coastal cities.
Other types of tourism include adventure tourism, which is carried out by tourists to practice dangerous sports such as mountain climbing, boat racing, rowing in rivers or seas, as well as meditation tourism carried out by tourists to visit wild and natural places, and meditation and yoga. And of course there is beach tourism.
Recreational tourism

Tourism events and conferences

In this type, the tourist attends those events held due to annual events such as the perpendicular sun in the Temple of Abi Simbel, and festivals such as Cairo or Alexandria International Film Festivals, and there are also tourism fairs in which the tourist attends book fairs in Cairo and Alexandria, as well as shopping fairs.
Events and conferences tourism also includes sports tourism. Egypt has succeeded in becoming a major stop for visitors from all over the world in events such as the African Nations Cup, running marathons or driving bikes and cars, as well as attending athletics events, and others.

Heritage and cultural tourism

According to this type, tourists come to all archaeological sites, to see the relics of temples, castles, and artifacts related to the kings, rulers and peoples of antiquity, as well as monuments related to the history of modern Egypt.
This is in addition to the desire of tourists also to attend cultural events held on the sidelines of their visit to Egypt in the conference halls, and in other monuments such as the Library of Alexandria, and other cultural places scattered throughout Egypt.
Heritage and cultural tourism

Religious tourism

And in which the tourist moves to visit the places of Islamic, Christian, and Judaic worship, which Egypt has always embraced and made it an integral part of its history, and accordingly, the city of a thousand minarets will abound in mosques such as the Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque, the Lady Aisha Mosque and the Lady Zainab Mosque, and there is the hanging church, the discotheque, and Mar Marcos, And there are monasteries, of course, Monastery of St. Catherine.

tourism Environmental

It is where tourists like to visit the natural and wild places related to nature reserves, see the mountains, as well as explore the desert, and the greenest environments that Egypt enjoys, such as the Ras Muhammad and Abu Gallum reserves.

Medical Tourism

And the tourists here are interested in visiting specific places in Egypt; those where eyes, baths, wells and sand are known to be equipped with useful elements for the treatment of the body, including diseases affecting the bones or skin, such as Moses eyes, and Siwa Oasis.
Other factors for classifying tourism in Egypt:

  • We can see that tourism is determined according to the number of individuals traveling, as there are tourists who love to travel to Egypt alone, accompanied by a husband, with a group of study or friends, or accompanied by the people of the monastery or the church.
  • The visit can also take place in Egypt in order to practice trade, or to display products in exhibitions and events held in various Egyptian governorates.
  • And the types of tourism in Egypt remain subject to change and additions, due to the development of the services provided, as well as the endeavor to provide many aspects of pleasure and benefit.

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