We present to you, dear reader today, through our article from Arab travelers, what is characterized by the Masmak Palace, which is one of the important and famous tourist attractions and is located inside the city of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it was built by Prince Abdul Rahman bin Dabaan, and that was during the year 1895 AD, and he visited More than a million people.
It is considered one of the wonderful museums that was newly developed, as it contains many historical monuments of the Kingdom and its unification, it includes figures, maps, various paintings, and pictures, and you can learn about the events that this place witnessed in order to recover the city of Riyadh, and that was at the hands of King Abdulaziz Al Saud, may God have mercy on him.
During the following lines in the Arab travelers, we will get together in some detail about the most important information about the Masmak Palace in Riyadh, so follow us.

What distinguishes the designer palace?

This palace is located in the center of the city of Riyadh, specifically in the Deira district, and it was named by this name, and also by the fish because it is highly built, and it has a thick fortress.
And this palace witnessed the battle of the conquest of Riyadh, which took place between the Rashid family and the House of Saud during 1902 AD, and the battle ended with the victory of the House of Saud, and was able to recover the city of Riyadh again, and some monuments are still present in Bab Al-Qasr, which contains the year of the spear The one who killed Ibn Rashid, Ibn Ajlan.
This museum includes nine halls, each of which represents part of the history of the city of Riyadh, how it was retrieved, and who participated in this with King Salman, and how was the daily life inside the city, and others.
It also includes a hall that talks about the designer, what materials were used in its construction, and how was the method of construction, and there is another hall with pictures of King Count of Aziz in different stages of life.
After the battle that took place in this place, this palace became a warehouse, in which weapons and ammunition were hidden and preserved, until the state decided to consider it a heritage landmark indicating the establishment and construction of Saudi Arabia.

Landmarks of Masmak Palace

The palace gateIt is located in the western side of the palace, its length reaches 3.60 meters, the thickness reaches 10 cm, and the width is 2.65 meters, and the door includes three beams each of them up to 25 cm thick, and there is an opening in the middle called the peach, which is a narrow and small gate, it can be Only one individual passes through it and is curved.
the yard: The main courtyard of the palace is surrounded by a number of rooms that are connected between them by internal columns, and is located on the eastern side of the courtyard staircase, through which visitors can be connected to the roof of the palace, and the first floor, in addition to this the courtyard includes 3 housing units, the first in order to sit It has the ruler, the second is the house of money, and the third is dedicated to accommodating guests and visitors.
the Council: It is called Diwaniyah, it is located in front of the entrance, and we find that it is a rectangular room with many openings for ventilation and lighting.
ConstellationsThere is a tower in cylindrical shape in every corner of the palace, and each of them reaches a length of 18 meters, while the thickness reaches 1.25 meters, and it is climbed to it through a ladder inside it, then other wooden stairs, and in addition to this there is a tower in the form of a square located in The middle of the palace.
The mosque: It is located on the left side from the entrance, which is a large size room, inside which there are many pillars, and it has ventilation holes in the ceiling, walls, and mihrabs, and also has shelves for the purpose of placing the Qur’ans.
well: It is located in the northeastern side of the palace, and water is drawn from it, and extracted through the bucket, by means of a compound pulley located on the mouth of the well.

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