Jeddah is one of the governorates of the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, it is located on the coast of the Red Sea on the western side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, about 949 km from the capital Riyadh, as well as 79 km from Makkah, and 420 km from Medina, which represents the capital The tourism and economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is the first destination for tourists, both inside and outside the Kingdom, in addition to that it occupies the first rank of skyscrapers and tower projects, and it is the second largest city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after Riyadh.

Things that Jeddah is famous for

Here is a list of the most important things that Jeddah is famous for:

  • Jeddah Corniche: It is considered one of the most beautiful and wonderful tourist sites in it and the most prominent characteristic of its views of the Red Sea and its beach. It also has a street dedicated to shopping, which includes many restaurants, shops and cafes, in addition to parks and beaches.
  • King Fahad’s fountain: This fountain is the largest fountain in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, where water flows from a height of three hundred meters, and this fountain is located on the shore of the Red Sea on the opposite side of the Corniche River, and it is advised to watch this fountain in the evening and sunset, where it is illuminated in a wonderful way And attractive.
  • Fakieh Aquarium: This Aquarium is located on the Jeddah Corniche Road, which makes the process of accessing it very easy. It is characterized by the fact that it includes many water basins, in addition to multiple types of fish, including small and large fish such as sharks, seals, and sea lions.
  • Desert Sea Divers: It is one of the famous tourist sites in Jeddah, which is admired by many diving enthusiasts, as it allows tourists to dive in the depths of the Red Sea, and discover and watch marine creatures accompanied by coaches and specialists.

Other parameters

Learn about the most important landmarks of the city of Jeddah:

  • Floating Mosque: The Floating Mosque, or what is known as the Mercy Mosque, which is the first mosque in the Islamic world, has been built on the surface of the water, and is characterized by its creative design, as it is characterized by being equipped with the latest lighting and sound technologies, and this is what made many tourists flock to it.
  • Home Arts Museum: The museum displays many home collectibles and artifacts, some of which date back more than seventy thousand years, and the museum is characterized by its arrangement and display of holdings in a consistent manner.
  • Bab Makkah: This door is one of the most famous doors that make up the old wall of Jeddah, and it is located on the opposite side of the Bedouin market near the lion’s vicinity, and this door remains a witness to the history of the wall of Jeddah, which was designed to protect the city from enemies at the time.

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