Malaysia is one of the countries located in eastern Asia and inhabited by up to 30 million people who differ in their races and races. Not all of them are indigenous to Malaysia, but there are many Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and many others. Malaysia is one of the modern countries as it was under British occuAl Bahahn in the form of colonies Independent of some of them, they were all known as the Malaya, and after independence, the Malay Union, which was later called the Malaya, was merged with Indonesia and Singapore, but after an armed conflict between them, these countries separated from each other and were called Malaysia and witnessed a huge economic boom that led to peaceful development. Aa, which make them belong.

Malaysia is distinguished

Architecture in Malaysia

Malaysia is an Islamic country, therefore we find many Islamic monuments and Islamic architecture in addition to the modern buildings in which Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia is known as the communications tower, which has a height of 452 meters and is the fourth highest communication tower in the world and the Sultan Abdul Samad Palace, and among other landmarks in Malaysia are a tower Petronas Twin, who won the title of the tallest towers in the world from 1998 to 2004 and the two towers are connected to each other by an air bridge. The towers are also distinguished by entering the Islamic architecture in them in the glass to reflect the Islamic civilization in Malaysia.

Nature in Malaysia

In addition to monuments and buildings in Malaysia, Malaysia is also famous for its picturesque nature and the diversity of species of rare organisms in it, which is what appears in the bird garden and butterfly garden, so the bird garden is considered the largest covered bird garden in the world, which includes under its cover many types of rare birds in the world, and the butterfly garden In Bardanah, which has many types of strange butterflies, which are characterized by their magnitude, and there are a number of mummified scorpions and mummified butterflies on the walls, and do not forget the flower garden that has hundreds of types of Malaysian orchid in addition to Anu Find flowers and other plants that are strange in their forms and also rare, which is one of the beautiful places to relax and spend family times in them, as is the case in Lake Bardana Garden, which dates back to the nineteenth century and which is characterized by its picturesque tropical nature and the beautiful sources of water.

Islamic civilization in Malaysia

For transportation in Kuala Lumpur, the best way is to ride on the monorail train that runs throughout Kuala Lumpur, which also reaches the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur whose lighthouse is similar to the sun umbrella and is famous for fountains and Islamic design and the mosque is also designed by a British engineer who is similar in represent in his design the Islamic Indian civilization as The Islamic civilization is also represented in the Museum of Islamic Art, which includes many rare Islamic manuscripts and copies of the ancient Qur’an in addition to many scenic places such as the Royal Palace, Independence Square and the statue. Nee.

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