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Baku city

Baku, which is the largest city of Azerbaijan, is the official capital, and it is also the largest city of the Caucasus region and also the largest city on the Caspian Sea. Baku is located in the southern part of the beach of the Absuran Peninsula, and this city consists of two parts: the first comes in the middle of Baku, and the second comes in the ancient walled city, and it extends over an area of ​​21.5 hectares, and its population is estimated at about 2 million people as most Azerbaijanis reside in Baku. Also, Baku has been ranked among the ten best sites in the world, which is visited by tourists to enjoy and relax, as it is a city full of life, day and night.

The economy of Baku

The city of Baku is a scientific, industrial and cultural center, in which many companies and factories have been set up in addition to many large institutions, and this position has flourished since ancient times and increased after the oil was found there and extracted, as it was extracted from Baku from oil and according to statistics more than 50% Which is extracted globally to be the most productive country in the world for oil, and the city of Baku plays an important economic role, as the Baku International Port for Maritime Trade receives economic goods for more than one million tons annually.

Landmarks of Baku

The city of Baku is distinguished by its mixing between European and Eastern culture, as it is dominated by the Western European and Islamic character, and this is evident through its architecture of a varied style, as we find that the ancient walled city resembles to a large extent the Arab East Islamic lanes, not to mention the inscriptions and decorations that were decorated with the verses The Qur’anic script is in Arabic script, but some of its buildings bear the European character, especially those dating back to the period of Russian rule. The manifestations of development are evident in Baku, especially in the past years, where attention has been paid to arranging and taking care of streets, especially with regard to hygiene matters to become at the level of European countries, and also in the way of their modern construction, which depends on the tower structure, which is vertical.

Baku city culture

The city of Baku was nominated to host the European Games in 2015, and this gives an idea of ​​the city’s cultural and economic level in addition to its development among countries, its reputation that preserves it and strives to uphold its name, especially in supporting cultural and artistic matters, where in 2012 it hosted the Eurovision Song Contest In its fifty-seventh session, it was added by UNESCO in the year 2000 AD to the list of World Heritage Sites.

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