What is the capital of Brunei

Brunei means Dar es Salaam or the land of peace and is one of the countries of Southeast Asia and its capital is Bandar Seri Bakawan and is the largest city in it. According to 2002 statistics, it has a population of 27,285.
We are Brunei people who are of urban origin. The Chinese constitute the largest minority group, with 15 percent of the population and their official language, Malay. However, some people speak English and China.
The origin of Brunei dates back to the seventh century AD, where it was called Boni, and then joined in the fifteenth century to the Empire of Majapahit and after the end of the empire fell under the rule of the Japanese to the British came and occupied and took control of it in 1984 when it launched an armed revolution against Britain and announced a new constitution of it and started Brunei With economic growth between 1999 and 2008, it ranked second after Singapore in the human development index, and Brunei ranks fourth in terms of GDP per capita with purchasing power parity.

Administrative divisions

Brunei is divided into four regions (constituencies):
Brunei and Moara
The regions are further divided into 38 residents.

Malay 66.3%,
Chinese 11.2%,
Indigenous population 3.4%,
Others 20.1% (2004 estimate

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