What is the capital of Palestine

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Jerusalem is Palestine’s capital

Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Palestine, and the word Jerusalem means purity and blessing, as it is called the Holy House and its meaning is the place of purification from sins, which is the first of the two kisses, and the third of the Two Holy Mosques to which the travelers tighten, according to what was mentioned in the verses of the Holy Qur’an and the texts of the noble hadiths.

The geographical location of Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem is located on a plateau, in the middle of the mountains of Nablus on the northern side, and the Hebron Mountains on the south side, and its height above the surface of the Mediterranean Sea is approximately 775 meters, away from it 52 kilometers, and its height from the level of the Dead Sea is approximately 11500 meters.

Jerusalem historically

Jerusalem has a long history, where the Jebusites inhabited it, and they are among the Canaanites who settled there, and among the first Arabs to reside in the Arabian Peninsula and grew up throughout it, and were displaced from it to live in the land of Palestine, and among the most famous of their kings is Maliki Sadiq, who is considered the first to plan the construction of Jerusalem, and therefore The Jebusites considered that they were the first to build Jerusalem, and they called it Jebus, as the king of Jebus was famous for his piety and his love for peace, and he was called the King of Peace, so the city of Jerusalem was called by this name, such as: Salem, Urosalem, and Salem.

The Jebusites also worked on building the wall of Jerusalem, and this was before 2500 BC, and the idea of ​​building the wall was in order to fortify and protect the city, because it was coveted by the invaders and occupiers, and the conquerors and invaders were punished on the land of Palestine and others, and despite this Palestine is still conservative in character Its own Arab and its inhabitants.

The religious importance of Jerusalem

The city is a holy place for the three Abrahamic religions, namely: Islamism, Christianity, and Judaism. Muslims go to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is the third holy place in Islam, and Jews sanctify the Western Wall, which is all that remains of the great temple that was destroyed by the Romans, and Christians pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher ( Church of the Holy Sepulcher).
Jerusalem is considered the airstrip of the revelation, the land of the prophets, and it was said that David built it and completed after him Solomon, and after he finished building it, he asked God that Jerusalem be the place where God forgives the sins of his servants, and that he forgives whoever prays in it, and that the poor sing and heal her sick, and every patch In Jerusalem, it has a great impact on the hearts of Muslims and Christians, as there is the tomb of Mary, who is chosen by the women of the worlds.


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