What is the capital of Romania

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Romania is located in the east of the European continent, and the Danube passes through it, as it is one of the Balkan countries, it is one of the countries with a large area at the European level with an area of ​​238,391 square kilometers, and the neighboring countries are: Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary And its population is about 22 million people, and the system of government is a semi-presidential republic, its official language is Romanian, and the Romanian leu is in addition to the euro, and Romania is one of the secular countries, so there is no official state religion, but the majority belong to the Eastern Orthodox.

The capital of Romania

Bucharest is the largest city in it, and it is administratively distinguished as the only municipality that does not belong to any province. Bucharest is the sixth largest European city, with an area of ​​228 square kilometers, and its population is estimated at about two million people. It is also the commercial and industrial center in Romania, was chosen as the capital of Romania in 1862, and some call it East Paris or Little Paris because of the scenery and beauty of nature, architecture, modernity and the originality of the past.

Its divisions

Bucharest is divided administratively into 6 provinces, as there are two international airports: Henri Coanda International Airport and Aurel Flyco International Airport, and it also contains many old buildings and palaces. Perhaps one of the most famous buildings is the Parliament Palace building which was built in the communist period of Romania, where It is considered one of the largest buildings in the world.

Its treaties

  • Treaty on the End of the Russo-Turkish War.
  • The Serbian-Bulgarian War End Treaty.
  • The Treaty of the End of the Second Balkan War.
  • Romania Treaty of Alliance and Tripartite Accord.
  • Treaty of Romania and the center countries.

Romanian partnerships

Romania joined the European Union in 2007, after carrying out a series of reforms and overcoming fears and reservations that some other European countries have had, such as France. Romania is a member of the following:

  • NATO.
  • Latin Union.
  • Organization of la Francophonie.
  • The Organization for Security and European Cooperation.
  • Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

History of Romania

Romania has experienced many events throughout history, it has lived for a long time under the communist umbrella, and it has suffered greatly as a result of the First and Second World War, and the revolutions that took place in it, but all this did not prevent it from having a rich culture, due to its geographical location between Europe Eastern, Middle and Balkan, as you can see this through the architecture of the buildings in it.

Divisions of Romania

Romania is divided into 41 provinces in addition to the municipality of Bucharest, and it has many different industries, as it has a reserve of oil and gas, while the sports side, the most famous sport in it is football, as it is also famous for gymnastics.


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